Why Choose Us


To make moving a safe and affirming process for all by providing excellent communication and care from the moment a quote is submitted to the last box being set down.

We at A Move to Remember would like you to remember your move as being friendly and comfortable. Think of it as if you had asked friends to help you move, but they had the skills to take half the time and do all the heavy lifting. Our approach is professional and efficient and prioritizes your moving experience being positive and affirming.

The moving industry can consist of un-regulated companies that are often condescending, judgemental of people’s belongings, unreliable, and sometimes downright scammy. Underrepresented communities, such as queer and trans folks, BIPOC folks, folks facing financial instability, folks in non-monogamous relationships, and many more report experiencing a much higher rate of discrimination and disrespect when using movers. We believe that no one deserves that treatment, especially not in their own home.

We are revolutionizing this industry. We know that you and your circumstances are entirely unique, and we want to help you have the best moving experience possible. Our team is made up of people just like you, but with the experience and training required to protect your most precious belongings and transport them safely and efficiently. We are committed to providing you the highest quality service at the best rate possible, communicating with you every step of the way, and making sure that you are safe and respected throughout.


Our VALUes

As a queer and trans owned and operated moving company, we believe that there should be no limitation in access to services or quality of services rendered due to someone’s race, ethnicity, skin color, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, or relationship structure. We embrace this because, as members of the community, we’ve experienced for ourselves or borne witness to the inequalities and barriers that queer and trans folks face, and see the deep need for change.

  • We do our best to make our services financially accessible to the general public, and we provide discounts as needed to folks escaping spaces of violence. Additionally, we partner with non-profits to provide free moves to folks who are experiencing housing instability or are otherwise in need of our services but could not afford them.
  • We provide services that are accessible in various languages, including English, Spanish, and American Sign-Language.
  • We’re focused on providing services that are accommodating to folks who are neurodivergent. We value direct communication and put ourselves alongside our clients throughout the moving process.
  • We recognize that physical disabilities of all kinds affect folks capacity for and ability to prepare for a move, and have a variety of ways we can support.

We support our local communities by expanding our investment in the non-profits we partner with. We build a network with other people in our communities, and love to spread the word about our friends. We create jobs that are equal-opportunity in more than just name and empower our team members to live their fullest lives.

Each move we do is unique, and whether it’s in the weeks leading up to or the day of the move, we know there are a multitude of challenges you face. We commit to taking on these challenges with you and using all of our tools and training to find the best way to help you.

We want clients to know what to expect from our services each time they use us. We hold space for clients to express their needs and create a non-judgmental environment in which you can feel comfortable letting us assist with all items. We see each box and article of furniture as personal and valuable, will wrap them accordingly, and communicate within our team to ensure safe transport and delivery.