Position: Driver
Duration: Undeterminated
Starting Date: January 1, 2022
Hourly Rate: $21 per hour

A Move to Remember is always seeking to grow, and expand employment opportunities for the queer community. At A Move to Remember, we make moving a safer and affirming, and safe process. Moving can be intimate, and we’re here to serve our clients as if we were “their friends who know what there is to know about moving”.

Our Drivers help our customers are our point-person for clients, excel at communicating through all the ups and downs of moves and help boost team morale throughout each move. Drivers should be able to handle the responsibility of managing teams, trucks, and warehouse logistics. Drivers are not required to have a CDL, however, they should have adequate experience in driving box trucks of 19′ or larger, as well as logistics experience.

Job Type: Full-Time (30-40+)


Drivers report to the Owner and the Leadership Team and are expected to adhere to all duties/responsibilities associated with the Mover Position in addition to the following responsibilities. 

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

General Expectations:

  •  Being the face of the company
  •  Representing A Move To Remember with a special focus on the values and mission of the company, while showing exceptional customer service
  • Supports AMTR in business to business and housing partnership communications 
  • Supports AMTR in client and employee/contractor relationships and communications
  • Drivers are expected to be able and willing to receive feedback from the owner or administrative team members

Driving Responsibilities:

  • Picking up / returning trucks at Chicagoland or Home Base (currently 1617 N Drake Ave)
  • Managing truck’s inventory of moving supplies from company’s storage space (currently located at 4455 W Montrose Ave Unit 1149 Chicago, IL 60641)
  • Safely transport household goods from the client’s starting location to ending location (locations based on per-assignment)
  • Shifts may include both local and long-distance drives (which may include multiple days.) Drivers will be notified and asked prior to long distance trips of their ability to do so.
  • Fueling company vehicles at the end of the day, either by company card or via their own funds (for reimbursement)
  • Fueling for-hire vehicles at the end of the day if that vehicle is being held by the company is for multiple days (ex. Chicagoland), or in which the company will accrue a fee for not fueling fully (ex. Penske)

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Fill out paper Driver Logs and paper Client Logs on a daily basis
  • Submit required information from Driver and Client logs digitally into the online client log or most up-to-date CRM (determined by the owner) before clocking out at the end of day.
  • Clock-in and out yourself and teammates on your shift using the Square App
  • Communicate with the owner or scheduling manager if there were any replacements, additions, late-arrivals, or early departures of scheduled movers
  • Communication with owner and Customer Relations manager any incidents or broken items on moves
  • Expected to arrive on site with truck and supplies at the beginning of scheduled shift time (or beginning of “estimated arrival time”)
  • Message clients and/or teammates the evening prior or morning of for any necessary communication. Necessary communication includes, but is not limited to, changes in start time (that differs from the original scheduled time), changes in locations, changes in parking determination, or changes related to truck dispatching
  • Meeting weekly on Mondays for 30-60 minutes to discuss upcoming moves, challenges, and other internal information
  • Assist in set-up, leadership, and tear-down for team meetings (to occur 1-2x a month)
  • Assist and organize the storage unit as necessary or by request of the owner. They are expected to upkeep the storage unit to communicate any supply needs to the owner
  • Drivers should communicate with the Customer Relations Manager and administrative team their own feedback on accuracy of estimates and any negative or positive results from their moves, especially when requested, that may help with the improvement of operations of A Move To Remember, LLC

Leadership Responsibilities:

  • Assist other team leads or the company as a whole in the event that another team member can not complete a client’s job in the manner expected
  • During Peak Week (25th-5th) drivers may be expected to help assist other team leads to help complete the job (for the safety of the team as a whole to arrive home on time)
  • Instruct movers to help with basic upkeep of vehicles, so that it is presentable to each client (even if you have more than one client per day)
  • Communicate with movers safety procedures, directing pre-move and post-move check-ins or duties, and assisting in training modules for new movers
  • May be expected to help assist in training new movers, or directing new movers based on standards and regulations as listed in orientation checklists, training manuals and/or vocal direction given by the CEO or administrative parties

Truck Responsibilities:

  • Assisting in monthly upkeep of vehicles such as deep cleaning vehicles
  • Removing dirty or overused blankets or broken supplies and putting them in storage
  • Notifying the owner via Slack of damages to trucks including accidents, major repairs, vandalism, etc
  • Responsible for picking up or dropping off company vehicle(s) or for-hire vehicle(s) at A Move To Remember’s brick-and-mortar location, or for-hire brick-and-mortar location, unless approved by the company owner
  • May be responsible for parking company vehicles or for-hire vehicles in a vicinity within 1.5 miles of their home, in an area where the truck will not be liable for tickets, towing, or other penalties associated with parking rules and regulations of their area
  • Drivers are not allowed to use moving vehicles for personal use, unless otherwise requested and approved by the owner. Any driver abusing their power or privileges as a team lead may be liable to be put on as a mover for a 60-day probationary period
  • Drivers should not text and drive while operating vehicles
  • Drivers should maintain the equipment of the truck including drill sets, toolsets, and the red bins – as per listed in their Driver Logs
  • Able to uphold our values as being affirming of LGBTQ household structures, trans/queer identities, and low-income households
  • Ability to drive box trucks between 17′-24′ in length
  • Have a clean driving history (dated at least 3 years back from employment) and a valid license
  • May be subjected to drug and alcohol testing (state-requirement)
  • Has reliable transportation to get to our warehouse located in Humboldt Park
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Expected to attend team meetings via Zoom or phone
  • Experience with assembly/disassembly of furniture
  • Experience with lifting, cardio, and/or outdoor work experience
  • Ability to pass a physical exam required
  • Experience with at least one of the following preferred: moving, warehouse, manufacturing, inventory management, stocking, customer service, helper, or general labor


This position is remote – site locations vary based on needs per client. The company’s virtual location is based at 939 W North Ave. Suite 750 Chicago, IL 60642, and its brick-and-mortar location is based at 1617 N. Drake Ave. Chicago, IL 60647. For-hire locations vary based on the week-by-week dispatch. Drivers are expected to pick-up and drop off trucks at our Humbolt Park Location.


Summer: Hours of work are subject to change per day, however, general working hours are between 7 AM-7 PM. Days of work typically range between 4-5 days a week, with two off days per week (typically in consecutive order). Hours Range between 30 hours to 40 hours per week. Peak week hours may add additional time to hours of work available.

Drivers are given breaks for water and rest based on situational needs/requirements. Drivers can expect to work late afternoons and weekends. We aim to have an on-call / rotating schedule for free weekends or off days. 

Movers can expect to be paid based on a two-hour minimum, depending on the length of the day. Movers might be requested to assist other team members or teams that are already out on the same day and have the choice to accept or decline additional hours outside of their already scheduled jobs.

Winter: Hours of work are subject to change per day, however, general working hours are between 8 AM-6 PM. Days of work typically range between  3-4 days a week, unless more work is available. Hours Range between 20 hours to 35 hours per week.


Given the nature of scheduling moves, preferred availability (or days off) must be sent a month in advance by drivers. It is expected that drivers show up to their shift, or find coverage for their shift. There is no limit to the number of vacation or off days that a Driver can have, outside of the above-stated expectations.

Our scheduling team relies on a driver’s communication about any changes to their availability, to ensure the team does not get overscheduled / to provide hours to the team.

Drivers can expect more work available during peak times of the month (14th-17th and 26th-4th of each month), which is easier to schedule ahead of time. Drivers can also expect that the scheduling team will seek to find leads to ensure hours for the rest of each month.

Schedules are released by Wednesday prior to the following work week. Off Days’ are defined as the days not scheduled by this time. 

Drivers are able to pick up any shifts requested within the Slack Channel, as long as it does not exceed their own physical limitations that may compromise the safety of themselves, the overall job or workspace.


Compensation for training as a driver will be paid at an hourly rate of $20.00/hour (for the driver or leadership-related training) plus tips. Compensation for training for your administrative duties will be trained at an hourly rate of $16/hour. Training will be determined by 60 hours of driver training, and up to 15 hours of administrative training, for a total of up to 75 paid training hours.

Compensation as a driver after training is paid at a starting hourly rate of $21/hour plus tips. Drivers do not qualify for overtime pay, however, we do offer time-and-a-half for hours worked on US federal holidays.


The Driver position is a 1099 position. [The first positions to be W-2’d will be the Driver positions].

We provide electronics and equipment to carry out tasks, masks, water, a Zero Tolerance Harassment Policy, and training for the Driver role.

In 2022 we are aiming to support teammates through affordable options for dental, health, and vision insurance through group options for contractors. At this time we do not offer these benefits.

We offer free attendance of team fitness or educational activities, provided by A Move to Remember.

Drivers are eligible for attendance incentives and bonuses.

A Move To Remember at this time does not have clarity around additional bonuses or incentives, but Drivers will be notified of these additional benefits as they become available.