Using Our Trucks vs. Customers Renting A Truck

There are several considerations when deciding whether you should allow your moving company to manage your move, or if you should DIY the booking process of getting a truck for your move.
In this blog post, we break down what you should consider when booking for a full-service move versus a labor-only service.



There are a lot of factors to weigh when deciding between using a professional moving company or DIY-ing your own move.

Our top takeaway is that there’s a lot of reduced stress around moving when you hire a professional moving company versus doing your move yourself. This is less of a biased opinion, and based on one’s experience or comfort in tackling:

  • Tedious handling of booking a rental vehicle
  • Guesstimating the proper truck size
  • Being responsible for the liability of your own belongings
  • Being responsible for auto and cargo liability (and potentially that of your friends)
  • Several skill-based decisions around packing, moving, and transportation logistics

At A Move to Remember, we’re happy to provide you with full-service support throughout the whole moving process, so you don’t sweat the rental. If it’s unavoidable for you to rent a moving vehicle, feel free to keep us in mind for Load/Unload only services – for your long-distance move needs, or a residential move where you just want help safely unloading (to that third flight of stairs).

Book a Load Only, Unload Only, or Full-Service today!


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