Terms and Conditions

For the purposes of this Terms of Service agreement, the terms “A Move to Remember”, “AMTR”, and “the Company” are both used interchangeably and are meant to represent the business names in which A Move to Remember, LLC “does business as”.

For the purposes of this Terms of Service agreement, the terms “customer”, “client”, “participant”, or “organization” are used interchangeably to define the person(s) or party who wishes to engage with A Move to Remember, LLC in order to utilize the services offered by the company.

These conditions explain the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of all parties to this Agreement. The word “Customer” or “Client” means you, and the words “Company”, “AMTR” or “us” include ” A Move to Remember.

A Move to Remember suggests that the client does their best to read through the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are structured in a format that makes reasonable sense to A Move to Remember, based on the step-by-step process of booking, confirming, and completion of your move. 

Important areas for clients to be familiar with are Section 2.1.2, “Items A Move to Remember Does Not Move”, Section 3, “Our Liability For Loss or Damage”, and Section 3.3. “Damages Limitations/Exclusions”. Our Terms and Conditions are structured to be as transparent as possible, without attempting to confuse, mislead, or delay clients in reading important information around their rights as a consumer of household goods moving.


Last Update: 10th of February 2022

Table of Contents

1. Our Services


The Support Team is available from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM.  The Support Team is available on the weekend for ONLY the customers whose moves happen outside A Move to Remember’s normal business hours (Saturdays and Sundays). If any contact is made outside of this time frame, it is up to A Move to Remember to decide its ability to return any emergency calls or last-minute requests that occur outside of these hours.

1.2 Full-Service Moves

A “Full-Service Move” is defined by a Move To Remember as any move that requires multiple movers, a truck, and at least one starting and ending location. A Full-Service Move does not inherently include packing supplies, packing services, or packing labor.

Any full-service moves requiring additional starting locations, or ending locations, should indicate this on the form and be scheduled with the support team. Please let our dispatch team know about these additional details, to take them into consideration in the estimation process..

Work Included in Quote:

With Full-Service Moves, you can expect assistance in: an assumption in assembling or disassembling basic furniture, wrapping and/or blanketing furniture for safe transport, loading and unloading the truck with your belongings, and removal of items to an alley (for items that are marked appropriately as such in your inventory).

Work Not Included in Quote:

Moving or storing items excluded under “Items A Move to Remember Does Not Move” (Section 2.1.2); re-mounting TVs, or items onto walls at your ending location (dismount is possible, at your starting location); disconnecting, re-connecting, dismantling or re-assembly of appliances, fixtures, fittings or equipment; take-up or lay fitted floor coverings, and/or dismantle, move or assemble garden furniture and equipment, such as sheds, greenhouses, outdoor play equipment, etc.

Additional Charges That May Apply:

Unless already included in the estimate provided, reasonable additional charges will apply in the following circumstances:

The moving of upright pianos, weight lifting equipment, or similarly large or extra heavy items; overnight storage or item holding for longer than the anticipated duration of the move; entrance or exit to the premises, stairs, elevators or doorways is inadequate for unloading/unloading within forty (40) feet of the doorway; and putting the team into any hazardous environments where extra precautions involving PPE, post-supplies cleaning, or the like by the team is required.

1.3 Furniture Pick-Up And Delivery

“Furniture Pickup and Delivery Services” are defined as transporting one to five items from a singular starting and singular ending location. Furniture delivery services are not defined as household moves with “only furniture items moving”. Prices for Furniture Pick-Up and Delivery Services are offered at either flat rates or an hourly rate depending on the total size or variables of the project, including: size of the furniture, complexity of assembly/disassembly of furniture, overall shipping weight of furniture and/or number of movers required to move said furniture.


When applicable, Customers are responsible for requesting a COI from A Move To Remember, and reserving their elevator reservation. Customers should request from their property manager what information they require in the COI by the moving company.

When making an appointment with or requesting an estimate from A Move To Remember, customers should clearly communicate their reservation time (if they have one) to the support team. A Move to Remember does not make assumptions that an elevator is reserved unless otherwise stated by the customer. 

Customers who have elevator reservations should notify A Move To Remember if there are any penalties for going over any reservation time constraints. If there are any penalties or “hour-by-hour” costs for reserving the elevator, then A Move To Remember will add additional team members to the move to ensure that the move is completed in a timely manner, and to anticipate any variables mentioned above that may cause delays on an elevator move. A Move to Remember will not be liable for any fees incurred by lack of communication on behalf of the client.


“Movers-Only” moves are defined as moves where A Move to Remember only provides labor, and the customer provides the truck and/or general supplies for moving (i.e. dollies, rental blankets, etc.)

Because A Move to Remember movers are accustomed to transporting the company’s supplies in a truck, they are limited in the supplies that they provide on labor-only moves. Clients should be sure to rent extra blankets, and provide tape or packing supplies to assist the crew in your move.

Customers are responsible for picking up their equipment from the rental location, driving the vehicle to and from all locations involved in the move, and returning the vehicle to the appropriate rental location. No member of A Move To Remember should be held responsible for operating any rental truck or vehicle placed under the customer’s name. If any member of A Move To Remember is requested to assist in operating the vehicle at any time to assist the customer, the customer is solely responsible for handling the liability of the vehicle in the event of an accident or liability concern.
A Move to Remember’s employees are not responsible for the liability of rental equipment or directly filing a claim with the rental company in the event that: the rental equipment’s battery dies, the ramp is inoperable or malfunctions, low-tire pressure, low fuel, etc. In the event of any rental equipment issues, the client is responsible for calling the rental company to find a resolution.

A Move to Remember’s employees does their best to carefully pack each and every truck when on site. However, given the variables that may occur while transporting cargo, A Move To Remember can not be held responsible for damages to cargo for the duration in which the vehicle is moving and/or is actively operated by the customer.
For Movers Only Moves with additional locations, the time spent traveling between locations is billable time. While the team is not actively driving the client’s vehicle from starting to ending location, the travel time between locations is still time that the team is on the clock.




By signing that you agree to our terms and conditions, you agree that the goods to be moved are your property, and/or you have full authority of the owner or anyone having legal interest in the goods prior to moving, and you have made the owner fully aware of these terms and conditions.

If at any point following the agreement of your estimate, another person has or obtains interest in the any part of or all of the goods to be moved, the Customer will notify A Move to Remember of their name, telephone number, and address, and either the new owner will be a part of this agreement, or A Move to Remember may not move said items of interest. Customer agrees to fully indemnify and hold harmless A Move to Remember and its members from any damages, loss, cost, or liability including legal fees and the cost of enforcing this indemnity arising out of any breach of Section 2.1.1.


Unless previously agreed in writing by an authorized representative of A Move to Remember,we will not move the following due to either presentable risks to health and safety, or risk of fire. Customer should make their own arrangements for the transport and storage of the following:

  • Any animals, birds, fish, reptiles or pets of any kind. A Move to Remember may be limited in the types of supplies or food that can be transported related to pets or animals.
  • Plants, unless otherwise agreed by A Move to Remember, as they are not easily transported as they are fragile and living organisms. A Move to Remember can not be liable for how moving affects plants during or after their move is complete.
  • Potentially dangerous, damaging, or explosive items including gas bottles, aerosols, hazardous/flammable chemicals, paints, firearms or ammunition.
  • Jewelry, trinkets, watches, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, mobile telephones, portable media, stamps, coins or goods of any similar kind.
  • Goods likely to encourage vermin or other pests or to cause infestation or contamination. A Move to Remember will notify you in writing as soon as possible if any of the goods, in our opinion, are hazardous to health, dirty or unhygienic or likely to attract vermin or pests and under what conditions we would be prepared to accept such goods or whether or not we refuse to accept them. Should A Move to Remember refuse to accept the goods we will have no liability to the customer.
  • A Move to Remember can not transport prohibited or stolen goods, drugs, or similar materials.
  • Customer agrees to pay any charges, expenses, damages, legal costs, or penalties reasonably incurred by A Move to Remember in disposing of or transporting goods above.


Clients should select and agree to your valuation coverage before your move is scheduled. You must either accept the full valuation coverage, if offered by A Move to Remember, at its current price offered, or waive the full valuation coverage and accept the standard released valuation coverage at the current industry specified rate.


It is the customer’s responsibility to pay additional charges for pool tables, pianos, treadmills, ellipticals, riding lawn mowers, safes, hot tubs, motorcycles, and other items that may be added to this list upon assessment of A Move to Remember. You will be charged a ‘specialty item’ charge in addition to the hourly charge of the move.It is the customer’s responsibility to pay additional charges for pool tables, pianos, treadmills, ellipticals, riding lawn mowers, safes, hot tubs, motorcycles, and other items that may be added to this list upon assessment of A Move to Remember. You will be charged a ‘specialty item’ charge in addition to the hourly charge of the move.



Packing labor and materials are not included in the estimate, however, in the event of unpreparedness, clients may be charged for any additional time in which the team has to assist in preparing boxes or furniture for the safety of transporting the client’s items. 

Clients are given a link to their inventory form in which they can edit at any time. Clients can update their forms to inform A Move to Remember of the following details of their move: changes in their box count, furniture count, or logistical details requested in their form. A Move to Remember may adjust estimates depending on any changes in a client’s inventory estimate, and will ask clients to approve of these estimate changes by a signature before their move. Please note: a difference in inventory does not guarantee a lower or higher rate. Some adjustments, if they are rather small, may lead to the same estimation.

It’s important to note that an estimate does not guarantee the final cost of the move, and is a non-binding estimate based on factors of the move under normal conditions. Variances that may influence an increase from the estimate reflected in the final invoice include the following: walking distance, excess use of the elevator, multiple disassemblies/reassemblies, number of flights, unplanned oversized items, number of boxes or furniture, additional stops, and/or delays that are influenced by the client. 

Under these conditions, A Move to Remember can not be responsible if moving is longer than the Customer anticipated. During the initial in-person walkthrough at the start of the client’s move, the team will try to communicate with the client any potential increases in price, or necessary additions to the team size when applicable.

A Move to Remember reserves the right to add team members to the customer’s move at any point of engagement if necessary, typically in the event that inventory form is underestimated in its scope of the size of the move. The client will be billed for the number of movers on the move, as reflected by the current prices for service listed by A Move To Remember.


After a client submits their inventory form via the company’s website, customers will receive correspondence via e-mail regarding their estimate and proposed move date/time. A Move to Remember asks that customers read this email carefully, and if there are any concerns or conflicting information that they respond via email to correct the details of their file.


A deposit is required to move forward in scheduling any services and booking a date with A Move To Remember. Simply initiating contact with A Move to Remember does not secure one’s move date. 

For local moves, A Move to Remember requires a $200 deposit of their total estimate for a client to secure their move date and to move forward with A Move to Remember’s services. 

For long-distance moves, A Move to Remember requires a 50% deposit of their total estimate for a client to secure their move date and to move forward with A Move to Remember’s services. For long-distance moves, A Move to Remember requires payment of invoice prior to unloading the client’s belongings at their ending location.

Paying for a deposit means that the client has read, understood, and agreed to the terms of the agreement.


If a client has booked a service with AMTR and has any date changes, postponements, or cancelations they should notify AMTR at least 72 hours in advance of the original scheduled date of service.

A seventy-two (72) hours cancellation notice for moves scheduled Wednesday-Saturday, and a ninety-six (96) hours cancellation notice for moves scheduled Sunday-Tuesday is required to avoid a cancellation/rescheduling fee.

The cancellation is the loss of 50% of your reservation deposit, as described in Section 2.2.3. The rescheduling fee is based on if normal resources are not available the day of rescheduling, and creates a condition where A Move to Remember has to rent, or hire additional moving resources to accommodate the client’s rescheduled moving date.

If A Move to Remember has reasonable cause to believe that a client rescheduled their move to avoid fees, they may not be eligible for a refund. (i.e. rescheduling and then immediately canceling that rescheduled appointment).


2.3.1 Walkthrough Video

The client is required to upload their video walkthrough no later than 7 days after submitting the client’s form. A Move to Remember includes video walkthroughs in its moving process. The company uses criteria when reviewing the customer’s walkthrough. This helps AMTR more accurately adjust their estimate when appropriate and helps the team prepare for the client’s move. Please Note: Even if clients submit a video walkthrough, the estimate might not be adjusted if the support team believes the original estimate to be accurate.  When submitting a walkthrough, the client should be as accurate as possible so that their estimate can be as accurate as possible. 

These terms and conditions are established with the client’s acknowledgment that they waive any and all rights under any applicable Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations for A Move to Remember LLC to prepare an estimate based on a physical survey of the client’s inventory and goods. Any estimates prepared by A Move to Remember are based on the inventory estimate form, bill of lading, and walkthrough video provided and prepared by the client, and not on any physical inspection.


An expedient and safe move starts with client preparation. Clients should be packed, organized, and ready to answer questions when their movers arrive. AMTR recommends reading the company blog, Let’s Unpack. It mentions things such as how to create a path for movers and how to prepare furniture or packing all items helps to keep them safe. Clients can email the support team with any questions regarding preparing for their move

Additional hourly charges may be applied if the moving crew is prevented from working while the client  completes packing of their goods.


It is the client’s responsibility that any workspace for A Move to Remember employees must be clean and prepared by the client prior to their move date. workspaces for A Move to Remember employees include: residential spaces, furniture, boxes, pathways, or any place or item that is expected to be handled by A Move to Remember employees.

A Move to Remember employees have the right to refuse service in the event of major uncleanliness. Uncleanliness for us is defined as any space that has animal feces or discharge, excessive trash, bugs, rodents, excessive loose food, mold, or anything that reasonably would be considered hazardous for A Move to Remember employees.

Under this right to refuse service, A Move to Remember reserves the right to reschedule someone’s move based on these conditions. If an agreement for rescheduling under these circumstances  can not be met, it will result in withholding a client’s deposit.


When possible, AMTR suggests that clients keep their boxes separate from their furniture. It allows the movers to have more discretion when loading and that saves time.

Moving delays are likely to occur in the following situations: if there are tripping hazards in the walkways, boxes are not packed, there are items on top of furniture (remotes, loose change, moving day snacks, fanny packs, keys, etc), furniture is coming apart/ there are nails sticking out of furniture, items that are not being moved/ trash is not clearly labeled or separated, clients changing their minds about which items are going or where they are going. 

Walkways should be clear of people, debris, snow, and ice. Prior to the arrival of the movers, clients should take a walkthrough of their hallways and walkways and check for tripping hazards. This includes things that you may be able to remove like kids’ toys, foam rollers, banana peels, or water bottles.  This also may include things that you cannot easily change like an uneven step or a slick walkway. If there are issues that landlords or a maintenance person can fix, please reach out to them to make these repairs as soon as possible. In some cases, they may also be able to provide a rubber rug for traction in slick areas. Clients should point out potential tripping hazards in their walkthrough video whenever possible. Pictures should also be sent to support@amovetoremeber.com If the necessary repairs/adjustments are not made, the client/client representative is required to alert the moving team of these things upon arrival to allow for ample time to come up with ways to prevent injury. If the tripping hazards are severe and unavoidable, such as missing steps, the team lead may determine that using the designated walkway is not safe. In this event, an alternative walkway may need to be used, the move may need to be delayed/rescheduled until the necessary repairs can be made, or the move may need to be canceled. Rescheduling is contingent upon availability.



The day prior to a customer’s move, a team lead may get in touch with the client via text message in order to make sure that said customer is all ready to go for their move the following day. 

After receiving this first text message, the client can contact their team lead regarding time concerns and/or any practical/technical information/issues about their move. Communication can remain between the team lead and client that is integral to Move To Remember’s operations up until the end of the client’s move. Once the customer’s move is over (after paying the final invoice), any questions, requests, claims, must be addressed directly to the Support team via email ONLY. 

Team Leads are not responsible for the decision-making for any major requested changes asked by a customer. Team Leads reserve the right to forward specific questions or concerns to the Support or The Leadership Team. The Leadership Team of A Move to Remember is the only party that can approve a major requested change. It’s the customer’s responsibility to contact the Support Team about any changes that would be needed for their move.

Clients should not take advantage of their access to team leads’ confidential information. It is not permissible for clients to communicate with team members in any form of harassment or hate speech. It is company policy that A Move To Remember prohibits the same for team leads, and any concerns regarding this should be directed to the support team.

After services are rendered and engagement between A Move to Remember and the client has ended, it is permissible for clients and team members to communicate outside of this engagement. If personal communication between both team members and the client has begun, and is initiated with consent from both parties, A Move to Remember’s is removed from any involvement or responsibility that may arise in any proceeding communication between said parties.


A Move To Remember assigns an “estimated time of arrival” to all moves, regardless of most circumstances. These start times can be adapted to the customer’s needs upon request and if AMTR’s availability allows it (i.e. specific mid-day times for elevator reservations).

A client’s estimated start time may change based on the time of the year, weather conditions, road conditions, other acts of God, delivery schedule, and other unforeseen circumstances. A Move To Remember asks clients to be flexible under these circumstances, and the team leads will communicate with clients of any situations that may drastically alter the team’s actual start time when necessary.

If the customer has a strict deadline (i.e. freight elevators, move-out deadlines, etc. that can incur fees) it is their responsibility to communicate with us prior to their move so that AMTR can set expectations around scheduling all moves. 

Regardless of how late a team arrives at an afternoon move, it is still the responsibility of the client to pay their invoice in full at the end of their move if the team completes the services within the parameters of this agreement.


A Move To Remember’s teams expect all clients, or representatives of the client, to be present at their move. This allows the team to ensure all moves are completed in full to the satisfaction of the customer, and to ensure all transactions are seamless. Clients should make themselves available all day by avoiding scheduling other appointments, especially directly before or after the scheduled move time.

If a client must leave due to an emergency, or can not be physically present due to an emergency, A Move to Remember asks that clients, or a representative of the client, be available via FaceTime or Zoom. Representatives of the move are defined as people that can responsibly direct the team, understand the invoice, and communicate with the team.

The client or a representative needs to be present when A Move To Remember arrives at and when the team departs all locations involved in their move. Walkthroughs must be conducted at each loading location to confirm that all items have been collected. If a client was not present at the loading location of their move, A Move To Remember is not responsible for items missing in loading that may have been in closets or rooms blocked off to the team.

At each unloading location, an ending walkthrough must be done to confirm that everything is placed in a secure location and that there are no concerns about safety or damage to the building or client’s belongings. If the client/ client representative is not present for the walkthrough, A Move to Remember is not responsible for damage that occurs due to storing or stacking in ways that the client may not prefer. This includes but is not limited to stacking boxes on boxes that are not very firm or near a slow leak that may not have been brought to the team’s attention.

If a client is eligible for a refund, the client’s refund will be on their account within 5 to 7 working days after the refund has been issued by A Move to Remember from the original payment method.

Regardless of the situation, if a client decides to stop moving at any time prior to its completion, the client is responsible for paying for the time spent from the start of their move up to the moment in which the movers have stopped working (based on a two-hour minimum). 

If a client proposes to stop moving due to any concerns around A Move to Remember’s failure to provide an excellent service, they are welcome to discuss alternative solutions to completing their move (i.e. with different team members, a different date, or time).


Moving can be very stressful and AMTR’s employees have been trained to make the experience as stress-free as possible. They will transport the client’s household items safely and with care. A Move to Remember and its employees expect there to be a civil exchange of communication both from the staff and clients.

If there is any hostility or verbal abuse that is directed towards the movers, the team has the right to refuse service at any point during the move. Hostility for us includes but is not limited to any communication that is racist, homophobic/queerphobic, transphobic, xenophobic, gender phobic, etc. Repeated use of profanity or yelling directed towards the movers may also be categorized as hostility.

In situations such as this, A Move To Remember will keep the deposit and the client will be billed for the time and labor completed during their move. AMTR promotes a positive working environment and expects the same from its clients.

In the event that a client feels as if they were disrespected by anyone from the team, A Move To Remember asks that they please message either support@amovetoremember.com or the owner of A Move To Remember directly at trix@amovetoremember.com so that the company can follow up with them, and appropriate actions can be made.

A Move To Remember understands that moving is stressful and that moving can often bring up traumas or anxieties that are not normally prevalent for clients. If the client has a tendency to be short, anxious, or upset during moves the support team asks that they provide this information in the accessibility accommodations section of their form. This will allow us to ensure the client has a proper team for any emotional support that may be best suited for their move. This also allows for open dialogue or exchange between the customer and the movers to understand their situation.


Under no circumstances are clients allowed to, or permitted to ride in any operated vehicles owned by A Move To Remember. A Move to Remember’s Automobile Insurance policies does not cover customers for any accidental liability if they were to be a passenger in any of the vehicles. Clients should find a reasonable accommodation for getting from their starting and ending locations. 

If a client requests/accepts a ride from any employee of A Move To Remember, either before, during, or after their move, then A Move to Remember does not assume any liability in the event of an accident. Any concerns that may arise from being a passenger in an employee’s vehicle are left up to the responsibility of the client and the driver.


In the event of unsafe moving conditions, such as blizzards or heavy rainstorms, a client’s moving date may even need to be changed. A Move to Remember understands that this can be inconvenient, so will only do this when necessary and AMTR will inform the client as soon as possible. These weather conditions could delay the arrival of the team at the client’s starting location and at subsequent locations. If weather conditions worsen during the move, the team lead in charge of the move may decide to pause or stop the move in order to keep the team/ the client’s belongings safe. This may occur for the following reasons or similar reasons: heavy rain that greatly decreases visibility/ increases the chances of accidents, heavy snow causing slippery walkways, or hail resulting in possible damage to client belongings or mover injury. CLEAR PATH REQUIREMENT

If paths are not clear upon arrival, the movers will have shovels available to help clear them. If this is deemed necessary by the team lead in charge, the client will be billed at the moving rate listed on the client’s estimate. 

If streets are not plowed following heavy snowfall, the trucks will not be able to reach the client’s starting location or subsequent location(s). This could result in delays of multiple hours or possibly multiple days in extreme cases. RAIN/SNOW ON ACTIVE MOVES

Clients should expect that the truck floor will become damp and may become wet at parts. This is unavoidable. If clients have items that are especially vulnerable to moisture, AMTR recommends that they transport them separately or take extra care when packaging and labeling them.



A Move to Remember invoices based on a two-hour minimum and is prorated in 15-minute increments after the first two hours of service rendered. 

Once a client’s move is completed the team lead will edit the invoice on-site and the customer will be able to pay via A Move To Remember’s payment processing system.

PAYMENT FOR SERVICES RENDERED IS EXPECTED AT THE END OF THE CLIENT’S MOVE/ON THEIR MOVE DATE. The client is responsible for up to 110% of the estimated charges, and any remainder should be paid within 30 days post-move.

In the event of a situation regarding any necessary claim of damages to be made, full payment for invoices is still required. After payment of invoice, clients can reference the claims section of the terms and conditions for the next steps in following up with A Move to Remember to file a claim.


Transit times quoted by A Move to Remember are estimated and based upon information known to the company at the time. Our travel charge is billed as the average drive time (per Google maps) between A Move to Remember’s home location to the client’s starting location, and from the client’s ending location to A Move to Remember’s home location. The time spent driving between starting and ending locations is billed as hourly time.

Long-Distance Moves will be billed a Travel Fee that covers the fuel cost, the mileage accumulated, tolls, any rental costs, and/or hotel accommodations when applicable. Outside of extraneous circumstances, such as inclement weather conditions, this fee is typically offered at a flat rate on a client’s invoice.


For all services rendered a Move to Remember requests that payment is made via the company’s most current payment processing portal, in the form of debit or credit card. A Move to Remember can accept Cash App Payments (@amovetoremember) or Venmo Payments (@amovetoremember) for billable services only if the payment is sent to the respective business account. Payments for services rendered should not be sent to any individual Venmo or Cash App accounts created by employees of A Move To Remember. A Move To Remember does not accept cash payments or checks for billed services from individual clients.


Tips and gratuity are not required, but movers are always grateful for tips. A reasonable tip is typically 10-20% of the bill per crew depending on the factors of the move. 

However, the customer chooses to pay, 100% of tips go to the movers. Clients can tip movers in cash, directly to the movers via Venmo or Cash App, or leave an electronic tip on A Move To Remember’s payment processing system when paying their invoice. Electronic tips via the POS system will appear on their next paycheck.


Regardless of the situation, if a client decides to stop moving at any time prior to its completion, the client is responsible for paying for the time spent from the start of their move up to the moment in which the movers have stopped working (based on a two-hour minimum). 

If a client proposes to stop moving due to any concerns around A Move to Remember’s failure to provide an excellent service, they are welcome to discuss alternative solutions to completing their move (i.e. with different team members, a different date, or time).


In the event, a client needs to pause their move, or a situation arises in which A Move To Remember may store a client’s belongings overnight in one of the trucks, the client will be charged an overnight storage fee to cover the use of the truck, as well as the distance between home base and the client’s starting and/or ending locations. 

Overnight storage of belongings is not guaranteed and is only applicable when A Move to Remember has the availability to accommodate this request, regardless of the necessity of the situation. A Move to Remember will provide a lock for the truck to safely be stored at the company’s warehouse.



We reserve the right not to service clients under conditions that, at our sole discretion, we consider dangerous, unsanitary, abusive or contained outside the scope of household moving. In the event we exercise this right, we will not be liable to you or any other entity for direct or consequential damages. Under these circumstances, customers forfeit their deposit, at the company’s discretion.


With all the precautions that A Move to Remember takes, items are still vulnerable to damage during transportation. The client’s choice of coverage determines how AMTR can compensate the client in the event the client’s belongings are damaged in a move.


The default coverage required by licensed moving companies is granted to clients at no charge. This means A Move to Remember assumes liability at a rate of $.60/lb per article, regardless of the value of the item that is damaged. If an item is damaged, A Move To Remember must compensate the client for up to $.60 for each pound the damaged item weighs. (for example: if a TV weighing 65 lbs is damaged, it would net reimbursement of $39.00.)


THIS IS NOT INSURANCE. With this option, the client declares the value of the shipment before the move begins. A Move to Remember offers coverage at a rate of $100 per $5,000 of declared value.

This is the more comprehensive plan available for the protection of the client’s belongings. If any article is destroyed or damaged in A Move To Remember handling, the company will offer at its discretion to repair the item, replace it with similar item, or make a cash settlement for the cost of the repair or the current marketplace value of the item.

Under this option, movers can limit their liability for loss or damage of items with extraordinary value unless you specifically list these articles on the shipping documents. An article of extraordinary value is any item whose value exceeds $100 per pound (i.e. jewelry, silverware, china, furs, antiques).

If there is a claim, the mover is not obligated to write a check for the declared value of the entire shipment unless the entire shipment is completely destroyed. Each damaged item will be repaired or replaced according to its depreciated value, not to exceed the shipment’s declared value.


In order to get items covered for their full replacement value, a client must purchase an insurance policy through a licensed insurance broker. There are specialized items that require a client to provide a 3rd party insurer for A Move to Remember to transport it. Some of these items include pianos, high-end computers, high-value artwork, etc. If there is anything on a client’s intake form that is considered a specialized item, A Move to Remember will contact the client to address it. 

In the event A Move to Remember’s team shows up to a move with a specialized item that was not disclosed on the intake form, they have the right to refuse to transport it. If a client has questions about specific items, they should send pictures and a description to support@amovetoremember.com.


The following is a list of limitations, or exclusions within our valuation coverage.


The team is trained to wrap items properly with blankets, shrinkwrap, and/or tape to protect them from damage during the move. A Move To Remember, LLC is not responsible for damage to these items if a customer refuses this service.


Except in cases of negligence of the Mover or party in possession, Mover shall not be liable for any fragile articles injured or broken, unless packed by its employees and unpacked by them at the time of delivery.  A Move to Remember will not be responsible for self-packed items damaged as a result of improper packing procedures or techniques, unless damage is clearly represented by mishandling of boxes or materials.


A Move to Remember will not be held responsible for any kind of planters or pots made of clay, porcelain, ceramic or glass.


A Move To Remember can not be liable for “ready to assemble” furniture due to its lack of structural integrity. This includes furniture that is made of pressed wood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), or particleboard. IKEA furniture is the most popular example of this furniture. Furniture that is made of this material typically has a lifespan of up to 3 moves, similar to cardboard boxes, and is typically not constructed to be moved. In the event of moving such items, the movers may decide it to be beneficial to disassemble this type of furniture to ensure its longevity. Any reduction of quality from disassembling or reassembling of such furniture items is excluded from coverage.


The movers will inspect property or furniture for any apparent pre-existing damage prior to the move. The Team Lead is responsible for documenting any pre-existing damage found in the file for the move. Any pre-existing damage 

Minor drywall and paint damage are not covered. It is inevitable that dings and dents may occur from time to time, particularly from moving large items in and around tight stairwells and hallways.


A Move to Remember does not assume liability for the content of drawers, containers, or other items of similar nature where there is no lid. A Move To Remember is not liable for damages to items left inside furniture (i.e. dresser drawers, couches with storage). All contents should be removed from these furniture pieces or items prior to the move.


A Move to Remember assumes no liability for damage to oversize items that are not due to the negligence of A Move To Remember’s employees. If it is advised that any oversized items may not fit properly in any entrances or walking spaces, A Move To Remember is not responsible for damages that may occur moving it in / out of spaces when advised by the client (against the team’s advice). If any items do not fit, past the best of A Move To Remember’s ability to move or disassemble items, then A Move To Remember is not responsible for the discarding or “junking” of said items.

For example, couches in Chicago apartments are known to have narrow stairs and hallways. So while A Move to Remember may be able to get a couch out of the client’s starting location, AMTR may not be able to get into the client’s ending location. If this ends up being the case, AMTR leaves it up to the client to find a solution since A Move To Remember does not offer storage at the moment.


Except in cases of negligence of the Mover or party in possession, Mover shall not be liable for mechanical or electrical functioning of any article, such as but no limited to, pianos, radios, phonographs, television sets, computers, clocks, barometer, mechanical refrigerators or air conditioners, or other instruments or appliances, whether or not such articles are packed or unpacked by the company.


Except for exclusions and limitations above, we cover items that we knowingly or without dispute damage. Released Valuation coverage or Declared Valuation Coverage is provided on items damaged or dropped on site while in possession of the movers, assuming they don’t meet the exclusions above.


In the event in which any person except the employees of A Move To Remember will be responsible in the relocation process by assisting, packing, unpacking, assembling, disassembling, or driving a moving truck; the customer releases A Move To Remember from any liability for possible loss or damage of goods, and any related claims.

A Move to Remember has no responsibility for goods damaged if the customer drives rental equipment and damages occur due to transit.

When moving into third-party storage, Pods/U-Packs, a mover is liable for the goods while in transit but the liability terminates at the end of the move since the mover is no longer in control of the goods or the facility. A Move to Remember always recommends clients provide or purchase appropriate moving pads (available upon request for $15/blanket when booking their move) to minimize the potential for damage that may occur while stacking furniture in their unit. A Move to Remember also recommends that clients ensure securing adequate sizing of their storage unit.


Except in negligence or breach of contract by A Move to Remember, A Move to Remember will not be liable for delays in transit. If through no fault of A Move to Remember it is unable to deliver the client’s goods, it will be taken to our storage facility. The agreement will be fulfilled and any additional services, including storage and delivery, will be at the customer’s expense.


A Move to Remember has $750,000 in General Liability Coverage. General Liability covers personal injury and personal property that is damaged through the course of normal business operations.

  • If A Move to Remember causes loss or damage to premises or property other than goods for removal as a result of our negligence or breach of contract our liability shall be limited to making good the damaged area only.
  • If A Move to Remember causes damage as a result of moving goods under client’s express instruction, against our advice, and where moving the goods in the manner instructed is likely to cause damage, then A Move to Remember shall not be liable.
  • If A Move to Remember is responsible for causing damage to a client’s premises or property other than goods submitted for removal and/or storage, the customer must note this on the delivery receipt as soon as possible after damage occurs, or is discovered in any event within a reasonable time as determined by A Move to Remember.


A Move To Remember LLC aims to participate in any claims against loss or damages in good faith, and according to the limitations or expectations set forth by the Illinois Commerce Commission.


If damages occur due to A Move to Remember’s service, A Move to Remember reserves the right to repair, compensate for, or replace the damaged items in question. However light scratches (less than an inch), scuffs, nicks, dirt, and other light damages are not covered. Normal wear and tear include light discoloration of corners and edges of furniture (as this can occur even with plastic wrap). More severe damage is looked at by all parties involved and assessed before a decision is made.

A Move to Remember is not responsible for any paint removal which is due to a client using tape to hold together doors, drawers, or any detachable furniture. In the event that the tape comes off while A Move to Remember is in transit or delivery, and causes damage, A Move To Remember is not liable for this, as the company suggests not using tape directly on furniture as a method of keeping items together. 


A Move To Remember has the right to inspect all claimed damages and related packing materials. Do not dispose of claimed items nor proceed with repairs while the claim is pending. 

Clients have up to 90 days from the date of delivery, or scheduled date of delivery, to file loss or damages claims;and all suits shall be instituted against Mover only within two years from the day when notice in writing is given by the Mover to the claimant that the Mover has disallowed the claim or any part or parts thereof specified in the notice. Where claims are not filed or suits are not instituted thereon in accordance with the foregoing provisions, the Mover hereunder shall not be liable and such claims will not be paid.

It may take up to 30 days from the date of the receipt of a claim for A Move to Remember LLC to write to the client to address the issue. A Move To Remember LLC will do its best to find a reasonable settlement for any claims. Replacements, reimbursements, professional contractor work (i.e. drywall repairs) may take up to 120 days to complete from the date of delivery.

Claims can be filed via a claims report, or by sending an email to the support team. Clients are required to submit appropriate videos and photos of the damage to support the client’s claim.

Minor drywall nicks and scratches (less than an inch) are not liable for repairs or compensation by A Move To Remember. A Move To Remember has to be given notice, and the option of providing solutions before a client pursues resolution for a claim. Any damage that occurred during the move must be reported first and follow the claims process, before moving forward or being eligible for reimbursement. If there is any damage done to the property by negligence on behalf of A Move To Remember during the moving process, AMTR is typically able to send out a contractor for the repairs, paid on behalf of A Move To Remember. If there are any claims that are made regarding possible loss or damages, they can be addressed over email. A Move to Remember will pay for the repairs should the client or the client’s landlord prefer to hire their own contractor for the damages.


Any and all charges that are invoiced to the client must be paid in full in order to file a claim. If a customer does not pay the full amount of their invoice, the company reserves the right to not honor any customer’s claims. If the client was given a discount or reduction in their total invoice as a result of any loss or damages from the date of completion of their move, it is expected that the deduction is considered a reimbursement and a settlement of the claim.


In the absence of an original receipt, AMTR first works to determine the value based on the available information of the make and model of the item. If make and model are not available, then the fair market value would be established based on available items of similar make and quality.

Under the term of declared valuation, the first step that all movers must take is to seek professional repairs for any damaged items. If a professional repair company estimates the cost of repair to be $150 for a damaged item, and a client declines to have the item repaired, the maximum compensation for that damaged item would equal the estimated repair cost of $150. Any estimates offered by the client’s vendors require approval by A Move To Remember prior to starting repairs. 


In any arbitration or litigation, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover from the losing Party reasonable attorney’s fees and other costs and expenses of the arbitration or litigation as awardee by the Court. The arbitrator will be selected by the Company. The parties each waive their right to trial by jury.


If for any reason other than the fault of the Mover, delivery cannot be made at the address shown on the face hereof, or any changed address of which Mover has been notified, Mover, at its option, may cause articles contained in shipment to be stored in a warehouse selected by it at the point of delivery or at other available points, and there held without liability on the part of the Mover, at the cost of the owner, and subject a lien for all accrued tariff, storage and other lawful charges.

 If a shipment is refused by consignee at destination, or if shipper, consignee, or owner of property fails to receive or claim it within fifteen (15) days after written notice by United States mail addressed to shipper and consignee at post office addresses shown on face hereof, or if shipper refused to pay lawfully applicable charges in accordance with Mover’s applicable tariff, Mover may sell the property at its option either (a) upon the notice and in the manner authorized by law, or (b) at public auction to the highest bidder for cash at a public sale to be held at a time and place named by Mover, thirty (30) days notice of which sale shall have been published at least once a week for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation at or near the place of sale, a notice thereof containing a description of the property as described in the bill of lading, and the names of the consignor and consignee. The proceeds of any sale shall be applied toward payment of lawful charges applicable to shipment and toward expenses of notice, advertising, and sale, and of storing, caring for, and maintaining property sold hereunder.

Any perishable articles contained in shipment may be sold at public or private sale without such notice, if, in the opinion of the Mover, such action is necessary to prevent deterioration or further deterioration.


If this bill of lading is issued on the order of the Shipper, or its agent, in exchange or in substitution for another bill of lading, the Shipper’s signature to the prior bill of lading as to the statement of value or otherwise, or election for common law or bill of lading liability, or in connection with such prior bill of lading, shall be considered a part of this bill of lading as fully as if the same were written or made in connection with this bill of lading. Any alteration, addition, or erasure in this bill of lading which shall be made without special notation hereon of the agent of the Mover issuing this bill of lading shall be without effect, and this bill of lading shall be enforceable according to its original tenor.


If any part of this contract is found to be unlawful, unenforceable, or invalid, the remaining terms and conditions shall still be valid and enforceable.


By clicking that you agree to our terms and conditions when filling out our form, you agree and accept all terms. A copy of your specific terms and conditions will be notated in your specific customer file. This should become a contract for services at the rates stated and represent the entire agreement of the parties hereto. 

A Move To Remember reserves the right to update its terms and conditions in the event that it assists in the safety and operation of the business. In the event of any changes or modifications occurring to our terms and conditions between when a Customer places a deposit and the date of their move, A Move To Remember will be responsible for notifying the Customer in writing and in receiving consent from the Customer to proceed. 

It shall apply to all additional services rendered by the company for the customer. Only an officer of the company, owner, or partner has the power to modify the terms and conditions of this contract, and then only in writing. We shall not be bound by any other promise or representation.


Thank you for doing business with A Move to Remember, LLC! We look forward to working with you!