A Move to Remember suggests that the client does their best to read through the terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are structured in a format that makes reasonable sense to A Move to Remember, based on the step-by-step process of booking, confirming, and completion of your move.

Housing Program Services or Non-Profit Organization Services are defined as services provided to ongoing participants of housing programs, or programs that assist with someone’s financial ability to cover rent, living expenses, etc. A customer, organization, or entity who fills out the housing program submission form is indicating that they fall under this category. If a participant fills out the form themselves, they are indicating that they were referred by a case manager or a program that currently offers them support services. A participant’s involvement with a housing agency indicates that they fall under the typical income limits and public housing requirements set forth by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

A Move to Remember does not have an internal process for approving or denying clients who submit under this form, except for contacting the client’s currently enrolled program to verify their participation in these programs. Moves that are submitted via the housing program form, but do not qualify for these reduced tariff move services will be re-labeled as standard moves and invoiced as such.

The purpose of these terms and conditions is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the moving support to shared clients between housing programs, non-profit organizations, and/or A Move to Remember.

Table of Contents


For moves or services rendered between parties of this MOU, both parties will cooperate with each other in good faith to facilitate the performance of this agreement. This good faith agreement stipulates that a customer, participant, or entity applying for moving services through a non-profit organization or housing program is doing so under an “honesty policy”, in that the applicant is in need of such services. 

A Move To Remember’s involvement within this good faith agreement is that A Move to Remember will make no general or broad assumptions for or against any party seeking moving services through a non-profit organization or housing program.  AMTR will believe at face value the applicant’s need for services requested at the rate offered to these programs, and will serve said clients or participants with the specific scope we provide for these clients.


2.1 Mailing Addresses

A Move to Remember’s physical address is currently 1830 W. Walnut St Chicago, IL 60612. A Move to Remember’s mailing address for checks, invoices, or all other correspondence is 655 W Grace St. #516, Chicago, IL 60613.


Participating Parties can reach AMTR Partnerships by calling the partnership line between 9am-5pm Monday through Friday.  Any phone calls outside of this time can leave a voicemail, and the Leadership Team will aim to respond as soon as possible. Participating Parties can also reach AMTR Partnerships by emailing the Leadership Team 24/7, with a response-time of 24 hours within Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

Please contact our Housing Program Coordinator  regarding: Details of individual moves, changes to and confirmation of appointment times, further details about client information, invoices and client portal account management. Please provide this to clients when necessary for communication purposes.

The Housing Program Coordinator  can be reached by phone at 312-544-9099, or at partnerships@amovetoremember.com.

You can contact the Owner of A Move to Remember regarding: partnership communication, meetings or training scheduling, reporting of staff or operations, and other information that may be seen as private or confidential. Their work phone is 773-703-1442, or email is trix@amovetoremember.com.



All organizations or entities wanting to work with A Move to Remember should first contact the Housing Program Coordinator, if contact has not been made prior to filling out an estimate form.

This introduction meeting can take place virtually,  or in a face-to-face meeting, and will present all the different options AMTR can propose to the program or entity. During this meeting, all the terms and conditions will be reviewed in a presentation directed by a representative person of A Move to Remember.

If an organization or entity is eligible to work with A Move to Remember, this will result in a written agreement signed by both parties. No moves will be scheduled before any agreement is signed by both parties.  A Move to Remember reserves the right to decide with which organization the said company will work with.


Any organization or entity desiring to work with AMTR must be represented by one of the supervisors of the said organization/entity. This person will become the main contact for the relationship between A Move to Remember and the organization/entity. In the event of this person leaving the organization/entity, it is their responsibility to contact AMTR as soon as possible, in order to give them the contact of the new supervisor. Not contacting A Move to Remember about any changes of supervisor can result in the cessation of the written agreement.


By signing that you agree to our terms and conditions, you agree that the goods to be moved are your property, and/or you have full authority of the owner or anyone having legal interest in the goods prior to moving, and you have made the owner fully aware of these terms and conditions.

If at any point following the agreement of your estimate, another person has or obtains interest in the any part of or all of the goods to be moved, the Customer will notify A Move to Remember of their name, telephone number, and address, and either the new owner will be a part of this agreement, or A Move to Remember may not move said items of interest. Customer agrees to fully indemnify and hold harmless A Move to Remember and its members from any damages, loss, cost, or liability including legal fees and the cost of enforcing this indemnity arising out of any breach of Section 2.1.1.

3.4 Items A Move to Remember Does Not Move

Unless previously agreed in writing by an authorized representative of A Move to Remember,we will not move the following due to either presentable risks to health and safety, or risk of fire. Customer should make their own arrangements for the transport and storage of the following:

  • Any animals, birds, fish, reptiles or pets of any kind. A Move to Remember may be limited in the types of supplies or food that can be transported related to pets or animals.
  • Plants, unless otherwise agreed by A Move to Remember, as they are not easily transported as they are fragile and living organisms. A Move to Remember can not be liable for how moving affects plants during or after their move is complete.
  • Potentially dangerous, damaging, or explosive items including gas bottles, aerosols, hazardous/flammable chemicals, paints, firearms or ammunition.
  • Jewelry, trinkets, watches, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, mobile telephones, portable media, stamps, coins or goods of any similar kind.
  • Goods likely to encourage vermin or other pests or to cause infestation or contamination. A Move to Remember will notify you in writing as soon as possible if any of the goods, in our opinion, are hazardous to health, dirty or unhygienic or likely to attract vermin or pests and under what conditions we would be prepared to accept such goods or whether or not we refuse to accept them. Should A Move to Remember refuse to accept the goods we will have no liability to the customer.
  • A Move to Remember can not transport prohibited or stolen goods, drugs, or similar materials.
  • Customer agrees to pay any charges, expenses, damages, legal costs, or penalties reasonably incurred by A Move to Remember in disposing of or transporting goods above.


Clients should select and agree to your valuation coverage before your move is scheduled. You must either accept the full valuation coverage, if offered by A Move to Remember, at its current price offered, or waive the full valuation coverage and accept the standard released valuation coverage at the current industry specified rate.


It is the customer’s responsibility to pay additional charges for pool tables, pianos, treadmills, ellipticals, riding lawn mowers, safes, hot tubs, motorcycles, and other items that may be added to this list upon assessment of A Move to Remember. You will be charged a ‘specialty item’ charge in addition to the hourly charge of the move.



After signing the written agreement, any move must be submitted via the form on the company website. The form should be filled out with the client’s information and should respond appropriately to the questions asking if “you are a participant or representative of a non-profit organization or housing program”. Submitting a form as a program or program participant does not guarantee a moving date – we will confirm after checking in on availability and ability to complete the job.


We ask that Case Managers, participants and/or representatives of organizations/people moving communicate to our team some additional information that isn’t fully captured in our form. Please email partnerships@amovetoremember.com (or communicate the following when we reach out by form) the following information:

  • In-depth client information (housing size, if there are any pets).
  • Transportation needs for the client.
  • If there are safety concerns, including any property damage, pests, or any interpersonal safety concerns that would affect the mover’s ability to complete the job.
  • Client’s ability to communicate with the team via phone, email, etc.

After booking within our website, our Non-Profit Coordinator will reach out to help get this information, and to offer availability for booking the move.


It’s important to note that an estimate does not guarantee the final cost of the move, and is a non-binding estimate based on factors of the move under normal conditions. Variances that may influence an increase from the estimate reflected in the final invoice include the following: walking distance, excess use of the elevator, multiple disassemblies/reassemblies, number of flights, unplanned oversized items, number of boxes or furniture, additional stops, and/or delays that are influenced by the client.  If your program requires a binding-estimate pre-move, A Move to Remember will work to find an “average” cost for your specific type of move. This may require all walkthrough steps to be completed before invoicing a binding estimate.


Programs should confirm that the estimate looks reasonable for their financing or budget, or participants of programs responsible for their own invoice should confirm their ability to pay for their invoice by the end of their move.


Deposits for Housing Programs are not required to schedule moves, however simply submitting a form does not guarantee a move date or move. Our Non-Profit Coordinator will confirm our availability to complete your move depending on it’s size or scope.


Clients that are associated with housing programs are not held responsible for the same standard of limitations as A Move To Remember’s rescheduling and cancellation policies. Clients utilizing these services are granted up to two opportunities to reschedule or cancel within the 72 or 96 hour cancellation period before incurring a cancellation fee (on the third cancellation). A Move to Remember asks for transparency but does not necessarily require, the reasoning behind needing to change an emergency move date if it assists with better planning or rescheduling services.

While A Move To Remember does understand that moves for housing programs that are rescheduled may require immediate services, rescheduling clients or emergency moves is still subject to the next availability. A Move To Remember retains the right to not overbook its teams, despite the severity of the need for services, in order to keep the team safe and healthy. [ie. One can’t pour from an empty vessel.] In situations where the team has opted to assist (as a third move of the day), it would be solely up to the team and be done in goodwill on behalf of the employees or emergency team.



We ask that organizations assist clients in submitting a video walkthrough or photos (if a video can not be acquired), or that clients meet with our Non-Profit Coordinator for a Zoom call to complete the video walkthrough process. The company uses criteria when reviewing the customer’s walkthrough listed in the move checklists provided via email. 

Walkthrough videos or virtual home estimates help AMTR more accurately adjust their estimate when appropriate and helps the team prepare for the client’s move. Please Note: Even if clients submit a video walkthrough, the estimate might not be adjusted if the support team believes the original estimate to be accurate.  When submitting a walkthrough, the client should be as accurate as possible so that their estimate can be as accurate as possible.


An expedient and safe move starts with client preparation. We ask that organizations assist in providing moving checklists to their clients to help assist them in being prepared for their move.

Clients should be packed, organized, and ready to answer questions when their movers arrive. AMTR recommends reading the company blog, Let’s Unpack. It mentions things such as how to create a path for movers and how to prepare furniture or packing all items helps to keep them safe. Clients can communicate with the Non-Profit Coordinator with any questions regarding preparing for their move.


It is the client’s responsibility that any workspace for A Move to Remember employees must be clean and prepared by the client prior to their move date. workspaces for A Move to Remember employees

include: residential spaces, furniture, boxes, pathways, or any place or item that is expected to be handled by A Move to Remember employees.

A Move to Remember employees have the right to refuse service in the event of major uncleanliness. Uncleanliness for us is defined as any space that has animal feces or discharge, excessive trash, bugs, rodents, excessive loose food, mold, or anything that reasonably would be considered hazardous for A Move to Remember employees.

Under this right to refuse service, A Move to Remember reserves the right to reschedule someone’s move based on these conditions. If an agreement for rescheduling under these circumstances  can not be met, it will result in withholding a client’s deposit.



Your Non-Profit Coordinator from A Move to Remember will make an effort to maintain communication with case managers and clients of programs leading up to, and on the day of the move. The day prior to a client’s move, a team lead may get in touch with them or the case manager (depending on the participant’s access to technology) to make sure the client is all ready to go for their move the following day.

Team Leads are not responsible for the decision-making for any major requested changes asked by a customer. Team Leads reserve the right to forward specific questions or concerns to the Support or The Leadership Team. The Leadership Team of A Move to Remember is the only party that can approve a major requested change. It’s the customer’s responsibility to contact the Support Team about any changes that would be needed for their move.


A Move To Remember assigns an “estimated time of arrival” to all moves, regardless of most circumstances. These start times can be adapted to the customer’s needs upon request and if AMTR’s availability allows it (i.e. specific mid-day times for elevator reservations).

A client’s estimated start time may change based on the time of the year, weather conditions, road conditions, other acts of God, delivery schedule, and other unforeseen circumstances. A Move To Remember asks clients to be flexible under these circumstances, and the team leads will communicate with clients of any situations that may drastically alter the team’s actual start time when necessary.


A Move To Remember’s teams expect all clients, or representatives of the client, to be present at their move. This allows the team to ensure all moves are completed in full to the satisfaction of the customer, and to ensure all transactions are seamless. Clients should make themselves available all day by avoiding scheduling other appointments, especially directly before or after the scheduled move time.

The client or a representative needs to be present when A Move To Remember arrives at and when the team departs all locations involved in their move. Walkthroughs must be conducted at each loading location to confirm that all items have been collected. If a client was not present at the loading location of their move, A Move To Remember is not responsible for items missing in loading that may have been in closets or rooms blocked off to the team.

We ask that if case managers can not be physically present during the move, either due to geographical concerns, or scheduling concerns, that they be available by phone. We ask that case managers provide an emergency contact in case moves go past typical business hours or typical scheduled time of service.

A Move to Remember is not responsible for taking decisions regarding factors of move and following clauses on behalf of the organization/entity. If the caseworker cannot be present physically or virtually, A Move to Remember reserves the right to make a decision but cannot be liable for any decisions made without the presence of the caseworker.


A Move to Remember understands the need for leniency around key-pick ups, client communications, incidents around reliable transportations, and etc. For any situation that prolongs a housing participant’s services, AMTR offers up to 30-minutes of uncharged “waiting time”. Any waiting time after 30 minutes will be charged to the invoice at the hourly rate provided to housing programs.



A Move to Remember invoices based on a two-hour minimum and is prorated in 15-minute increments after the first two hours of service rendered.  Bill of Ladings will include A Move To Remember’s set tariffs for moving services, and will list the discount provided to housing programs in the total column of the Bill of Lading and Invoice (based on the reduced rate provided to participants).

Invoices will be prepared by the support team post-move, and will be emailed to the case manager. Case managers should forward the invoice to the appropriate department within their organization. We ask that invoices be paid within 30 days from the date of the move. If programs anticipate a delay in payment, we ask they communicate this with us.

Checks can be mailed to 1830 W WALNUT ST CHICAGO IL 60612. If a client would like to pay by ACH, please contact A Move to Remember to set up ACH payments.


The reduced rate difference of all services provided to housing programs is technically offered as an in-kind donation. Any rate differences from A Move to Remember’s standard tariffs and the rates offered to housing programs should be documented by A Move to Remember, and its financial team (bookkeeper, accountant, etc). Housing Programs will be notified with ample time ahead of the tax filing date of the total amount of reduced costs offered to intended recipients. 

A Move to Remember asks that organizations, or entities engaging in housing program move services clarify who the best point of contact would be within their organization regarding these details.


Regardless of the situation, if a client decides to stop moving at any time prior to its completion, the client is responsible for paying for the time spent from the start of their move up to the moment in which the movers have stopped working (based on a two-hour minimum). 

If a client proposes to stop moving due to any concerns around A Move to Remember’s failure to provide an excellent service, they are welcome to discuss alternative solutions to completing their move (i.e. with different team members, a different date, or time).


In the event, a client needs to pause their move, or a situation arises in which A Move To Remember may store a client’s belongings overnight in one of the trucks, the client will be charged an overnight storage fee to cover the use of the truck, as well as the distance between home base and the client’s starting and/or ending locations. 

Overnight storage of belongings is not guaranteed and is only applicable when A Move to Remember has the availability to accommodate this request, regardless of the necessity of the situation. A Move to Remember will provide a lock for the truck to safely be stored at the company’s warehouse.



The default coverage required by licensed moving companies is granted to clients at no charge. This means A Move to Remember assumes liability at a rate of $.60/lb per article, regardless of the value of the item that is damaged. If an item is damaged, A Move To Remember must compensate the client for up to $.60 for each pound the damaged item weighs. (for example: if a TV weighing 65 lbs is damaged, it would net reimbursement of $39.00.)



 In the event that emergency services are rendered in which there are time constraints (typically for the safety or protection of the client), it’s possible that last-minute packing of boxes or quick-packing of the truck may take place. Given that emergency moves are provided a significant discount, 

A Move To Remember can not be held liable for damages in the event that a party or person who is an aggressor within the emergency situation is responsible for the damage to the client or survivor’s affects/property. If applicable due to this circumstance, this removal of liability can be applied to any location or part of the move, including inside the client’s home, on pathways, or on A Move to Remember’s trucks.


A Move to Remember will not be responsible for self-packed items damaged as a result of improper packing procedures or techniques, unless damage is clearly represented by mishandling of boxes or materials.


A Move To Remember can not be liable for “ready to assemble” furniture due to its lack of structural integrity. This includes furniture that is made of pressed wood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), or particleboard. IKEA furniture is the most popular example of this furniture. Furniture that is made of this material typically has a lifespan of up to 3 moves, similar to cardboard boxes, and is typically not constructed to be moved. In the event of moving such items, the movers may decide it to be beneficial to disassemble this type of furniture to ensure its longevity. Any reduction of quality from disassembling or reassembling of such furniture items is excluded from coverage.


The movers will inspect property or furniture for any apparent pre-existing damage prior to the move. The Team Lead is responsible for documenting any pre-existing damage found in the file for the move. Any pre-existing damage 

Minor drywall and paint damage are not covered. It is inevitable that dings and dents may occur from time to time, particularly from moving large items in and around tight stairwells and hallways.


A Move to Remember assumes no liability for damage to oversize items that are not due to the negligence of A Move To Remember’s employees. If it is advised that any oversized items may not fit properly in any entrances or walking spaces, A Move To Remember is not responsible for damages that may occur moving it in / out of spaces when advised by the client (against the team’s advice). If any items do not fit, past the best of A Move To Remember’s ability to move or disassemble items, then A Move To Remember is not responsible for the discarding or “junking” of said items.

For example, couches in Chicago apartments are known to have narrow stairs and hallways. So while A Move to Remember may be able to get a couch out of the client’s starting location, AMTR may not be able to get into the client’s ending location. If this ends up being the case, AMTR leaves it up to the client to find a solution since A Move To Remember does not offer storage at the moment.


Except in negligence or breach of contract by A Move to Remember, A Move to Remember will not be liable for delays in transit. If through no fault of A Move to Remember it is unable to deliver the client’s goods, it will be taken to our storage facility. The agreement will be fulfilled and any additional services, including storage and delivery, will be at the customer’s expense.

9.Claims Handling

A Move To Remember LLC aims to participate in any claims against loss or damages in good faith, and according to the limitations or expectations set forth by the Illinois Commerce Commission.

9.1 Limited Responsibility

If damages occur due to A Move to Remember’s service, A Move to Remember reserves the right to repair, compensate for, or replace the damaged items in question. However light scratches (less than an inch), scuffs, nicks, dirt, and other light damages are not covered. Normal wear and tear include light discoloration of corners and edges of furniture (as this can occur even with plastic wrap). More severe damage is looked at by all parties involved and assessed before a decision is made.

A Move to Remember is not responsible for any paint removal which is due to a client using tape to hold together doors, drawers, or any detachable furniture. In the event that the tape comes off while A Move to Remember is in transit or delivery, and causes damage, A Move To Remember is not liable for this, as the company suggests not using tape directly on furniture as a method of keeping items together. 


Outside of typical  liability responsibility with default state standard coverage, A Move to Remember can aim to repair items that are broken, at no cost to the client, participant or housing program. If repairs can not be made, either a payment to the housing program or to the client can be made with the intention of repairs. Representatives of organizations or programs should communicate with A Move to Remember the preferred method of reimbursement.  If A Move To Remember reimburses for any loss or damages, then they are not responsible for or liable for the decision-making process of if the participant utilizes the funds for repairing the furniture.



When A Move to Remember and its employees participate in providing services to a customer, participant, or entity that is associated with housing programs, they are doing so as a professional moving company and as good samaritans. A Move To Remember commits itself to attend training focused on mental health first aid, domestic violence advocacy, sexual assault awareness, general first aid / CPR, and/or other training offered within the LGBT+ community, non-profit sector, or professional world. 

A Move to Remember and its employees have not licensed trained professionals in any other fields outside of the moving and transportation industry, meaning that A Move to Remember and its employees are not licensed social workers, case managers, therapists, psychologists, doctors/nurses, lawyers or other entities involved in determining, diagnosing, or resolving any legal matters between parties, or for participating parties.

In the event that A Move to Remember and its employees may offer any harm reduction services, first aid services, or advocacy services, they are doing so under the good samaritan act (745 ILCS 49/), and only after having been provided with training in according to standards set by the state or respected organizations within the industry (ie. CPR training by the American Red Cross, Harm Reduction Training by Center on Halsted, etc). A Move To Remember should not be held liable for any civil damages, so long as the acts or omissions do not constitute willful or wanton misconduct.


A Move To Remember trains its employees to treat clients from housing programs with confidentiality. Any situation, location, name, or details pertaining to any emergency services are to solely be shared within A Move To Remember, or with parties responsible for the well-being of clients or participants (i.e. case managers.)

A Move To Remember will not share any specific details with anyone that is not directly involved with the moving services for the housing program. Details or information may be shared with future employees for the purpose of training or educational purposes, however, all specific details (ie. names, addresses, etc) would be omitted for such purposes.


Any advice offered by A Move to Remember and its employees while engaging in providing services to customers, participants or entities is given as a courtesy and with the best intentions. Advice or recommendations around safety planning include, but are not limited to: details around scheduling services at a specific time of day or day of the week, suggestions on various routes for team leads to take (as an effort to reduce an aggressor from following or tailing trucks), secondary transportation options for clients, and/or communication tactics or methods that A Move to Remember believes would support the end goal established by the customer, participant or entity.

A Move to Remember and its leadership team expects that case managers are willing to safety plan around moves that require such detail in planning. Customers, participants, organizations, or entities should be willing to participate in safety planning as a part of the requirements leading up to A Move to Remember providing their services, occurring around the same timeframe as providing a virtual walkthrough.

A Move to Remember and/or the client is granted permission to discuss safety planning procedures with entities or organizations directly involved in the communication or payment of the service, with its employees or vendors directly involved in providing the service, organizations that specialize in safety planning and crisis services (see the resources page), and with licensed professionals or emergency service providers (when applicable).


If any part of this contract is found to be unlawful, unenforceable, or invalid, the remaining terms and conditions shall still be valid and enforceable.


By clicking that you agree to our terms and conditions when filling out our form, you agree and accept all terms. A copy of your specific terms and conditions will be notated in your specific customer file. This should become a contract for services at the rates stated and represent the entire agreement of the parties hereto. 

A Move To Remember reserves the right to update its terms and conditions in the event that it assists in the safety and operation of the business. In the event of any changes or modifications occurring to our terms and conditions between when a Customer places a deposit and the date of their move, A Move To Remember will be responsible for notifying the Customer in writing and in receiving consent from the Customer to proceed. 

It shall apply to all additional services rendered by the company for the customer. Only an officer of the company, owner, or partner has the power to modify the terms and conditions of this contract, and then only in writing. We shall not be bound by any other promise or representation.

Thank you for doing business with A Move to Remember, LLC! We look forward to working with you!