How To Prepare for Your Movers

Moving can come with quite a checklist of tasks to get done before your big day.
Everyone’s moving experience is different, and we understand it can be difficult to know how to best prepare for your movers.
We’ve created this short guide to help your day go smoothly.

Before Your Movers Arrive

We always suggest booking us for packing services to ensure that your items are ready for your big day. When you book packing services with us your items are completely packed, wrapped in blankets or saran wrap, and furniture is disassembled.

Remove items from drawers. It helps your movers and keeps your belongings safe when you pack everything into boxes. Items left in drawers have the possibility of falling out if your movers need to shift the furniture on its side while carrying it to the truck.

Lighter items = larger boxes, heavier items = smaller boxes. If you have items such as books, records, metal, or items of similar weight pack these items into smaller boxes. It reduces the weight load and makes it easier to transport.

Label your boxes. By labeling, if your boxes or heavy and/or fragile, our movers can have a better sense of how to pack your items on moving day. We also find it helpful to label your boxes by room, so when our movers arrive at your ending location, they have a better idea of where to set the boxes down.

While packing, create a path for your movers. Clearing enough space for the movers to carry items through your house ensures the safety of everyone involved. When able to, clear the pathways near door frames and entrances/exits in case your movers have to shift larger items through the doors.

Separate roommates’ belongings from your own. This will make it clearer what items the movers should take versus shouldn’t take.

Separate boxes and small items apart from larger furniture. We suggest that clients keep their boxes separate from their furniture (even if just by parting them in a room). so their movers will be able to load up the truck with ease. It allows the movers to have more discretion at what items can be loaded first and saves time.

Night Before Your Move

If not fully packed, separate boxes that are fully packed versus those that are not. We get it. Sometimes packing takes longer than you’d expect. If you happen to have packed yourself and still aren’t completely ready, it helps your movers if you mark or separate the boxes you’re still working on. That’ll give you the time you need to focus on wrapping up the day of your move, while your movers take care of the other pieces first.

Heavy Furniture? Take out the drawers. Our movers may be stronger than they appear! We’ve tackled all types of furniture. However, if you’re aware of some particularly heavy pieces, it can help if you take out the drawers or glass pieces of the furniture in mind.

Tell your movers loading instructions. If you haven’t already, let your movers know whether they’ll be loading or unloading in either the front or back of your starting and ending locations. We know landlords have various rules on where movers are allowed to carry items. We also hope clients have a better idea of which pathways/doors/hallways are easier to move through than others. (If not, that’s also okay! Your movers can help decide the day of if there’s no preference.)

Day of Your Move

Check-in with any updates for your move. Things can change on your big day! Just keep your movers informed and they’ll be able to navigate or adapt to your move.

Load fragile belongings in your car (if that’s an option). Our movers take the utmost care of our client’s belongings and are skilled at packing a truck. However, we know that some fragile items are simply irreplaceable. We always suggest that items such as these are best to be loaded into a second vehicle.

At your ending location direct your movers. It can be really helpful while unloading to direct your movers on where you might prefer your boxes or furniture to be placed. We know it can be hard to visualize furniture items, and our movers are down to help you figure out the placement of these items as well. However, having a general sense of an idea will help make the process smoother and quicker.


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