How to make your walkthrough video?

You just submitted your form via our website and now it’s time to record your walkthrough video.
However, making a walkthrough video can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure how to do.
Don’t panic! In this article we will go through all the important steps in order to help you create your walkthrough video.

Introduction: What is a walkthrough video?

A walkthrough video is a video that helps us prepare your move as well as possible. This way we make sure that we plan enough movers and time for your move but also prevent some unexpected situations such as tight staircases, odd-shaped apartments, complicated paths to the parking spot, etc. Although our team members are film lovers, we are not expecting you to produce the next Avatar movie! It’s a practical video for us to understand the conditions in which we will be working on your move better.

What is needed in a walkthrough video?

Many things are important in a walkthrough video:

  1. A very brief introduction of your move is a must: This could be with you being in front of, or off-camera, as you prefer. Here is an example of a brief introduction: “Hey guys, I’m John Smith, this is my walkthrough video of the starting location of my move. 1336 North Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL, 60647”.
  2. The path from where our truck could park to the door of the building that will be used during the move and from the door of the building to the entrance of your apartment/house: This is a good moment to explain to us if you had some struggle when moving into your current space. If you encountered difficulties getting furniture pieces via the staircases or any other technical problem, those are all information that we can benefit from in order to be prepared on the day of your move. Example: “When we moved into that place, the couch was too big for us to use this main staircase, we had to use the backdoor which is larger and more convenient”
  3. A clear view of all the rooms of your apartment that will need to be moved.
  4. Clear mention of the articles that will stay or be part of the move: No need for a script for this, you can simply mention for example: “This table and chairs need to be moved to the new place, as well as the entertainment center, the couch, and the side tables. The second couch and this rocking chair are staying here and will not be moved to my new place.”
  5. Any additional information that you want to let us know about for your move. Example: “The plants, my desktop computer, and my pet will be moved prior to the move date. I’m not sure of the exact number of boxes that I will end up having, but I will update my form when getting closer to my move date and will let you know by email”

Do's vs. Don'ts

  1. Record your video in landscape mode – Do not switch from portrait mode to landscape mode during the video. Although we would prefer receiving it in landscape mode, if you start in portrait mode, stay in portrait mode until the end of your video.
  2. Record your video in one single shot – Do not record your video in multiple videos.
  3. Take your time to film each room of the house – Do not rush while filming. We need to see all the items that are present in each room, if you are going too fast while recording, we won’t be able to see things properly and might miss some very important information.
  4. Make sure we clearly understand what you are explaining in the video – Do not put your hand in front of the microphone of your mobile device as we won’t be able to understand you properly.
  5. Send us your video through Dropbox via the provided link – Do not send your video via email or any other services.

How to record your walkthrough?

  1. Open your camera app on your mobile device.
  2. Set your phone in landscape mode.
  3. Go outside where our truck would be able to park.
  4. Press record and start your walkthrough.
  5. Take your time in each room to clearly mention all the items that will be moved and the ones that will stay.
  6. Pan your camera slowly around the room in order to give us a clear view of the architecture of the space.
  7. Once you have been through all the rooms in your apartment/house, press the record button to stop recording.
  8. Before uploading your video in our Dropbox folder, please change the name of your video with your Full Name and the Date of your move (Example: John Smith – 2021-03-25)
  9. Send your file via Dropbox
  10. Click the upload button
  11. You are done!



  • How long should be my walkthrough?
    From our experience with walkthrough videos, we noticed that videos are usually between 3 to 5 minutes. As you can understand, it also depends on the size of your current location, someone having a one-bedroom apartment/house will take less time than a three-bedroom apartment/house.
  • Can I send it via another platform such as Google Drive?
    It’s always a possibility, however, we would prefer if you could upload it to our Dropbox. This allows us to receive all the walkthrough videos of our customers in one single place. This way we are sure that we will have it linked to your file in our system. For safety concerns, it is not allowed to send it to us in the attached file via email.
  • When should I send my Walkthrough video?
    Typically, we request our customers to send it to us at least 14 days before their move date. However, the earlier, the best!
  • Is this video mandatory? Can I send pictures instead?
    Yes, this is mandatory. This is one of the most important steps (if not the most important) for us to prepare you move properly. This way we can be sure to have enough movers and estimate your move more accurately. Unfortunately, pictures don’t speak and very often, photos hide a lot of extra things that we can only see or understand with a video.

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