What is the “Team Preference Clause”?

What is the "Team Preference Clause"?

We know that the LGBT community can be quite small, and in Chicago, coincidences happen with folks sharing similar social circles. Sometimes our team may show up – and all parties may find out that someone on our team may know the person causing you harm, or the person you may be moving from. This information may be found out prior to your move as well as during scheduling or dispatching our team. Our team is trained to have an impartial viewpoint and to be supportive of the person moving from the space of harm. However, this type of situation can cause an awkward situation for a client to feel supported during their move.

The “Team Preference Clause” allows clients to decide if a specific team member being present is a conflict of interest for any person(s) leaving a space of harm. In the event that a customer or client is uncomfortable working directly with any specific employee of A Move to Remember leading up to their move, or finds out during a move that it may cause anxiety during a move due to potential outside the relationship between an employee and a person causing harm, we will do our best to replace or remove said teammate at no penalty to the client.

Solutions if this was to occur:

Leading up to a move we can easily move around team members between teams to accommodate for a more comfortable move for you.

During a move, we can attempt to replace or remove a teammate (if it is safe to do so based on the ratio between movers and the total weight of cargo or number of belongings).

If rescheduling is the best option, especially in a situation where the team lead would be the conflict of interest, there would be no penalty for the client.

If a connection to the person causing harm is helpful, please let your team lead know. We understand that in some situations, clients may feel safer knowing that someone on the team has a social connection to the person causing harm if it helps alleviate the tension and/or prevent the person causing harm from acting out.

Overall, we defer to the client in deciding what is the best option for them. Our goal is for clients to feel supported and provided space, especially during emergency moves, in which they can openly communicate with our movers and leadership team.