Submitting A Form / Managing Client Portal (NPO)


You can access our website at, and either click “Get Your Quote Now” or scroll down to the form located on the front page of our website.

In order to access the full version of our form, we suggest keeping your screen in desktop mode.

Note: If you haven’t used our services before, and/or would like to schedule a meeting or training with us, check out our “Moves for Non-Profits Page”.From there you can find a submission form at the bottom of the page to schedule your welcome meeting.

Submitting A Request (Form Submission):

You’ll want to utilize the Form in Full-Screen Mode in order to see all the steps properly. (Minimizing the screen may reduce clarity around the forms, or add more steps in the future)

In this form, you’ll input the following information for your participant’s move:

  • Desired Move Date
  • Service Type
    • Local Move: Apartment to Apartment
    • Furniture Pick-Up: Delivery from Sharing Connections, or Chicago Furniture Bank
  • Zip Code To Zip Code
  • Size of Move
  • Any additional rooms
  • # of Stairs for Starting Location and Ending Location

Here you’ll see an overview of the distance from Zip Codes to Zip Codes and a checklist form of information that pertains to most clients (but may not always pertain to Non-Profits or Case Managers).

If you’ve never accessed this form before you’ll get prompted with this customer information page. (Please note that this page does not show up when accessing the form on mobile devices).

Because of how our new CRM processes client names + emails, we suggest case managers put their own name, email, and number here. (Your client’s information will be put in later). You will get an email notification that you’ve officially signed up for the first time with our CRM, Elromco.

If you’ve already accessed this form before it’ll automatically input your customer information in the customer info section. After your first time, you will not get a notification that you’ve submitted a form to us. You will start to get email notifications after we’ve reviewed the form.\

Put in your current client’s moving from, and moving to address information; the preferred move time, and you can put “Partnership” under how you heard about us.

After you submit your form, you can view your account page for the most recent submission made. If you’re a repeat client, you likely won’t get the first pinged message that first time customers get when they make their account for the first time.

When you access the account portal, you’ll be able to view this particular client’s information including:

  • This Move’s ID#
  • The requested move date and time
  • The requested addresses
  • And our typical hourly rate (There is no HPR rate option at this time, so this gets manually changed on our end)

Here you can update this client’s:

  • Inventory
  • Details
  • Any photos (or videos in MoveBoard 2.0)
  • And our “Submit Your Walkthrough Button