Safety Planning

Safety Planning

Emergency moves may come with additional safety planning that might not be necessary for normal moves. The best way to communicate safety planning details is in the “Move Details” section within your client portal, or by emailing us with the details of your move that would support the safety and the logistics of moves.

Move-Related Details

We suggest you update the move details first. Here you can update the distance from door to parking, and the parking availability sections.

Below that, you can add additional comments. Here we suggest filling in this portion with the following information. (You can copy and paste this to use as a reference).

What Type of Emergency Move is this?
Are there Safety Concerns for you (the client)?
Are there Safety Concerns for the Team?
Are You Currently in a Safe Location?
The best time of day to move will be:
My top 3 move date preferences are:

Pre-Move Safety Planning:

Knowing if you have an Order of Protection against the person causing harm can lead to slightly stronger assistance for your move. Because O.P.s are not always easy to acquire, we do try to resolve circumstantial conflict without police mediation. Sometimes we do utilize police escorts, especially in the case of separating an aggressor from the space in which we will be providing moving services. However, this does not always achieve the desired effect, so we do not rely on this method.

If police presence, regardless of circumstances, is not preferred it would be helpful to decide if there are friends/family that would be present during your move to alleviate any situations requiring mediation. We would be happy to include your friend or family member in all communications if it means offering support to you during your move.

If friends are not physically able to support you during your move, are there any support networks you can rely on during the time of your move? It’s ok if you need to take space during your move. We’ve got your boxes and your furniture, feel free to take a breath.

Move-Related Safety Planning:

During your move, we’ll offer positive reinforcement and support. With virtual walkthroughs, route planning, and communication between our team leads and clients, our goal is to create an efficient and strong plan for moving.

If there is a possibility of trucks being followed, we are happy to figure out a plan to take different routes than normal and be aware of our surroundings.