Navigating Your Client Portal (In-Depth)

On the front page of the move, you can review all the move date details including:

  • The Status of Your Move Being Booked
  • The Estimate Job Length (“Job Time”)
  • The Estimated Quote for the Move

To view all the moves you currently have submitted for, you can click on the “Move History” under your profile information. All moves are listed in numerical order of their Move ID.

All Current Moves are moves that are in process of being reviewed, have beens scheduled for moves, or are pending to occur.

Moves that are canceled will not show up on your client portal page, as they would have been archived on the back-end of our system.

The Move Statuses are as follows:

PENDING: You have submitted a form for our team to review, but we have not yet confirmed the move date or scheduled the move on our end.

When moves are pending, the automatically generated estimate may not be accurate until we’ve applied the reduced rate we offer non-profit organizations.

NOT CONFIRMED: We have reviewed the form, and may have adjusted the Move Date, Move TIme or Estimate for the quote. In this stage, we would contact you if there were any changes or issues with reviewing your submission.

This status means it’s “Not Confirmed” by the client, and typically comes with anticipating a deposit. Since we do not require deposits from our programs, you’ll only see this status if there’s an issue with the form.

CONFIRMED: If no changes to the move date or move time were necessary on AMTR’s end, we’ll automatically confirm the move for this quote right away. From there you’ll get a confirmation email message.

All completed moves will show in Past Moves. You’ll be notified when the payments have been processed for these moves.