Labor Only Services

Labor Only Services

Sometimes moves only require labor-only services. Our hourly rates are similar for labor-only services, however, these services are more likely to qualify for flat-rate pricing based on occurring at a singular location.  Our team still brings supplies and equipment to these moves to ensure safe handling and ease of labor for the team.

Same-Building Apartment Moves

If the location is within the same building, we ask that you submit the same address twice in the client’s form [Starting Location, and Ending Location]. Where appropriate, you can input the unit letter or number. This will notify our support team and your moving team that this is a same-building move. (i.e. do not mark this as a load/unload only service).

Removing Furniture From Apartment

If you’ve had an apartment that was cleared of participant(s) but your organization needs assistance in removing furniture, we can help. At this time, we are able to confirm that we can move furniture to the alley (as permissible from the landlords). However, we do not currently provide haul-away services. Please Note: we are able to remove furniture, however, we are not a junking or cleaning service. We are unable to provide cleaning services at abandoned units and would be unable to help if the property is unsafe for employees of A Move to Remember to navigate through.

We are working on partnering with organizations that will take furniture donations, and seeking junkyards so that we can offer removal services for a nominal fee. 

Load/Unload Only

In the event that your client only requires load or unload services, our skilled movers can help provide labor and moving supplies to help. We’re able to help with live-loads or live-unloads of PODS containers, or assist with packing/unpacking your U-Haul for a Long-Distance Move. Our team brings dollies & wrap to help protect your furniture. (Customers can purchase moving blankets for an additional cost).


Our quotes typically include disassembly and assembly of furniture, most routinely this includes:

  • Metal bedframes
  • Kitchen Tables
  • Cribs
  • Sleeper Sofas

Please include in the notes if there is any excessive disassembly or assembly that would be required on moves, so we can properly plan and estimate for this labor. This includes:

  • Platform Beds
  • PAX Units
  • Large Entertainment Units
  • Loft or Bunk Beds

Please keep in mind, we do not offer disconnection or connection services, and we do not provide mounting services (we can help unmount). These are specialized services that we currently do not focus on training our teams to handle.

Reduced-Rate Difference in Services:

The reduced rate difference of all services provided to housing programs is technically offered as an in-kind donation. Any rate differences from A Move to Remember’s standard tariffs and the rates offered to housing programs may be documented by A Move to Remember, and its financial team (bookkeeper, accountant, etc.) Housing Programs will be notified with ample time ahead of the tax filing date of the total amount of reduced costs offered to intended recipients.

A Move to Remember asks that organizations, or entities engaging in housing program move services clarify who the best point of contact would be within their organization regarding these details.

Participants Referred by Program:

Either a representative from a program on behalf of a participant, or a client in direct communication with A Move To Remember can go through the process of gathering a quote, completing their client account, and communicating directly with AMTR.

Clients who would prefer to directly engage with AMTR, but are referred through a program to A Move to Remember, LLC will qualify for the cost of service provided to that program. Clients have the option to choose within the “How Did you Hear About Us” section of the form the program that referred them to AMTR.

If a client decides to directly communicate with AMTR, instead of a case manager communicating on behalf of the client, there may be certain situations where AMTR will rely on the program as a “” safety net”. This can include emergency situations, for the purpose of safety planning, or for confirming whether there will be a collaboration of financial resources regarding the specific client.


For smaller moves we created a flat-rate price to accommodate moves that include a majority of the following:

AMTR’s support team will assign flat-rate for moves based on their inventory. We ask that clients complete their inventory as best as possible so we can assess the mini-move rate properly.