How we provide support during Emergency Moves

Safety Planning:

Emergency moves are labeled as such because they often come with additional safety planning to ensure that the safety of the client, the moves, and all parties involved are considered when preparing for, scheduling, and your move. Safety is a priority for our team, and we want to evaluate all material details regarding your move. Material details around safety planning include, but are not limited to: scheduling services at a specific time of day or day of the week, suggestions on various routes for team leads to take (as an effort to reduce an aggressor from following or tailing trucks) , secondary transportation options for clients, and/or communication tactics or methods that would support the end goal established by the customer, participant or entity.

Flexibility for Move-Date:

We allow clients up to 3 times to cancel without penalty, in the event of an emergency move. We understand that leaving a space of abuse can be hard, and can come with a lot of obstacles. 

Flexibility for Time-of-Day:

Depending on team availability, there may be more flexibility with the time of day in which we can help clients move. This is granted to clients going through emergency moves, with the understanding that specific times in the day may involve lower risk or chance of confrontation.

Specific Teams Sent To Assist:

We make sure to send our experienced drivers and movers to emergency moves to ensure a smooth transition. We also try to send a team who’s external professional experiences can impact or assist in specific moving situations.

A Move TO remember

Moving Company | LGBTQI+ Owned 

A Move to Remember at this time is only able to help folks in emergency move situations within a limited capacity. Please reach out to our support team, or leave a note within your submission form and we can review the best way to support you. If you’re going through a need for emergency assistance you can check our emergency network located within our drop-down menu for additional resources or means of support.

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