How Do We Pay For Moves?

How Do We Pay For Moves?

Case Managers and Supervisors can expect to receive a shared Google Drive folder with invoices, and a spreadsheet tracking estimates, invoices, and their payment status (paid/unpaid). We aim to be clear in our rates and to process invoices as soon as moves are completed.

Payment Expectation:

A Move to Remember will forward invoices to case managers, who are responsible for forwarding invoices through the appropriate channels at their organization. Any move performed by A Move to Remember must either be paid within 2 weeks after the completion of the move or have proof of processing by the end of the 2-week timeline. We ask that case managers, supervisors or accounting members follow up with A Move to Remember if there are expectations of delayed payments. We are a small business, and timely payments support the work of our teams. In the event that payments by an organization are 90 days late, and/or their balance exceeds $3,500 in accounts payable to AMTR, AMTR reserves the right to pause offering services until payment is received.

Payment Methods:

By Check:

Any check should be mailed to, or dropped off at:

1500 N Halsted St.
Floor 2
Chicago, IL 60642

AMTR asks that if third-party account services write checks to AMTR, that the case manager or supervisor confirms the most-updated address (listed in this MOU) is forwarded to the third-party company.

Payment by Wire Transfer:

If [Participating Program] has a direct-deposit program or wire-transfer service, then A Move to Remember can provide it’s direct-deposit information to whom it concerns.

Payment by Card:

If [Participating Program] prefers to or would like to pay by credit card, they are able to do so through AMTR’s payment processing system Authorize.Net / Chase Merchant Services (through Elromco).

Participant Payment Options:

If a participant of [Participating Program] is responsible for paying for moving services provided by AMTR, they can present payment via credit card, debit card, cash, Venmo or CashApp. If the Participant needs a payment plan set up for them, we ask that the organization set this up with us prior to their move date.

Reasonable Payment Clause:

A Move To Remember understands that in emergency situations it can be difficult to take on an additional expense such as moving services. A Move To Remember does expect any invoice that is provided for services rendered to be paid in full and anticipates that any reduction in moving costs will support customers in completing their payment for services.

Any potential difficulty in paying for services provided by A Move To Remember should be mentioned in a client’s initial form, or in an email to Support. This provides ample time to set up payment arrangements, such as installments or payment plans for invoiced services. Payment arrangements should not extend further than 90 days from when services were rendered.