How Do I Book My Client’s Move?

How Do I Book A Service?

Note: If you are a Housing Program or Non-Profit Organization and it’s your first time working with us, we require an introduction to our services before performing any moves for participants. This allows us to introduce ourselves, set expectations for services and working together, and build a relationship. Please use the form below to schedule your NPO Introduction with us.

Submit A Form:

You can submit a form with your client’s information, but the original contact information should always be your name and information. Your client’s contact information will be submitted later. In the first form, In this form, you’ll input the following information for your participant’s move:

  • Desired Move Date
  • Service Type
    • Local Move: Apartment to Apartment
    • Furniture Pick-Up: Delivery from Sharing
      Connections, or Chicago Furniture Bank
  • Zip Code to Zip Code
  • Size of Move
  • Any additional rooms
  • # of Stairs for Starting Location and Ending

Once you submit your form, you can view the page for the most recent submission made in your client portal. As a repeat client, you likely won’t get the first pinged email that first-time customers get
when they make their account for the first time.

Input Client Details:

We suggest you update the move details first. Here you can update the distance from door to parking, and the parking availability sections.

Below that, you can add additional comments. Here we suggest filling in this portion with the following information. (You can copy and paste this to use as a reference).

Participant’s Name:
Participant’s Pronouns:
Participant’s Phone Number (to reach the day of their move):
Number of Household Members:
Does Client Require Transportation?:
Are There Safety Concerns?:
Additional Notes (accessibility accommodations, notes about preparation, etc):

From this information, we’ll be able to track in our invoice tracking log for your program the Request ID# and correspond it to a participant. You’ll be able to view these comments on the front page of this specific move ID.

Update Inventory:

You’ll have gotten an estimate with a general quote for your move, however, an accurate inventory helps us evaluate a more accurate estimate. The inventory options can be quite extensive, so we ask case managers to try and at least get the basics, such as:

  • Number of Boxes
  • Number of Bed Sets
  • Number of Dressers
  • Number of Desks
  • Number and/or Types of Couches
  • Number of Kitchen Tables and Chairs
  • If a client mentions that they have a unique item, you can add a custom item, and input the name of the item, it’s size and weight

We’ll Take it From There!

After you’ve submitted a clear form, we’ll confirm the proposed date and time, and communicate with you about any details that may be involved with the move. After confirmation of the date, we’ll convert your estimate to “Not Confirmed”, which will have our proposed estimate pricing and scheduling details. Once that is confirmed by the case manager, we will convert the quote to Confirmed and schedule the move.