Furniture Deliveries

Furniture Deliveries

We offer flat-rate services for organizations that need delivery services from locations such as Sharing Connections or Chicago Furniture Bank.

Dispatch Organization:

If you have multiple clients that need deliveries from Sharing Connections or the Chicago Furniture Bank, our team can arrange efficient routes to support large deliveries. We can serve 3-5 participants in a day, depending on their location(s), size of the household, and other determining factors. Feel free to contact us if you have multiple participants you are seeking to set up furniture delivery services for.

Flight Restrictions:

We do not have flight restrictions when it comes to offering our services, and can handle any deliveries even if it’s to the third floor. We assign teams of 2, 3 or 4 movers depending on the number of household members or size of the delivery, and ensure that our team has a safe way of transporting items to your client’s home.


We’re happy to coordinate the pick-up time, order of participant names with the furniture bank leading up to the move; and expectations regarding delivery windows with participants the day of their delivery.