You can submit your deposit as soon as we have reviewed your form and ensured you were given an accurate estimate. 

Please note: even if you sign your estimate, your move is not officially booked until you place a deposit with us.

You can place your deposit using the link provided in your estimate email. From there, you can book your move  by placing a deposit with a credit or debit card.

If you would prefer to place a deposit over the phone, please let our support team know, and we would be happy to help you out.

Your estimate is based on the variables of your Inventory, number of flights at each location, the average driving time between locations, and other variables that can influence your move.

We do our best to slightly overestimate on moves, to avoid invoices surprises. However, it is important to note that estimates are non-binding.

At the end of your move, your invoice is finalized by the team lead based on the number of hours worked by the team, and any additional services that were provided.

Your invoice may reflect more, or less hours of labor than the original estimate.  Your team lead will be happy to communicate with you throughout your move if there’s anticipations of a difference in price.

Invoices are expected to be paid out before the team departs from your move.

Please be prepared to pay for your invoice on the day of your move. In a situation where the person who is paying for the invoice is not present, we ask that payments be made over the phone before completing signatures to finish the move.

Regardless of any claims or losses that arise during a move, clients are expected to complete payment and process claims with our support team.

Per Illinois State Law: If the invoice is over the estimate, clients are expected to pay the estimate + 10% of the invoice. The client then has 30 days to pay the remainder of their invoice.

If there are any issues that arise leading up to your move that may restrict your ability to pay on your move date, please contact our support team immediately.

If there are any issues during your move please communicate to your team lead your concerns. Our support team is not available 24/7, and team leads are trained to complete the total payment the day of your move via the  Authorize.Net portal.

For total cancellations, A Move to Remember requires 72 hours notice (96 hours if the 72-hour cancellation window falls on a Saturday or Sunday), in order for the client to receive a refund of their deposit. If the client decides to cancel within 72 hours notice of their scheduled move we will not return the deposit. If A Move to Remember has reasonable cause to believe that a client rescheduled their move to avoid fees, may not be eligible for a refund. (i.e. rescheduling and then immediately canceling that rescheduled appointment).

If a client is eligible for a refund, the client’s refund will be on their account within 5 to 7 working days after the refund has been issued by A Move to Remember from the original payment method.

Regardless of the situation, if a client decides to stop moving at any time prior to its completion, the client is responsible for paying for the time spent from the start of their move up to the moment in which the movers have stopped working (based on a two-hour minimum). 

If a client proposes to stop moving due to any concerns around A Move to Remember’s failure to provide an excellent service, they are welcome to discuss alternative solutions to completing their move (i.e. with different team members, a different date, or time).

We ask that clients provide the information of who is paying for moving services before conifrming their move date.

Any move performed by A Move to Remember must either be paid within 2 weeks after the completion of the move, or have proof of processing by the end of the 2-week timeline. 

By Check:

Any check should be mailed to, or dropped off at:1500 N Halsted St. Floor 2 Chicago, IL 60642

AMTR asks that the case-manager or supervisor confirms the most-updated address is forwarded to the third-party company.

Payment by Wire Transfer:

A Move to Remember can be provide their direct deposit information to whom it concerns.

Payment by Card:

If a Participating Program prefers to or would like to pay by credit card, they are able to do so through AMTR’s payment processing system.

Emergency Moves are defined as moves in which A Move to Remember is providing assistance or services for an individual customer of A Move to Remember, or for a participant of an organization that is actively suffering, enduring, or going through an abusive situation, or situation that would generally be classified as domestic violence, in which their home has been unsafe or unstable for them to live in. Typically situations experienced by previous clients A Move to Remember has assisted included: intimate partner violence, parent/child violence (around gender identity or physical violence), landlord/tenant abuse, and/or uneasiness of feelings of safety or feelings of being stalked/followed.

Emergency services, or using the emergency form, is not to be used for “rush services”. Rush services are services in which a client requests moving services with less than 72 hours notice, and in which the impending deadline or “emergency” of moving falls on the client (i.e. finding out about A Move to Remember’s services within 72 hours of a regular lease ending). Moves that are submitted via the emergency move form, but do not qualify for emergency move services will be re-labeled as standard moves and invoiced as such.