Booking Process

Booking Process

The earlier you submit your form, the better!

We typically can do moves with up to 72 hours notice. However during our Peak Weeks, or Summer Season, it’s best to reserve a date a month in advance.

This gives us time to ask follow-up questions, address any concerns that you may have, and properly equip our team. We know things happen, though! Don’t be afraid to ask.

For Full-Service moves, we always have our truck stocked with supplies to best equip our teams. This includes moving blankets, industrial plastic wrap, work lights, a furniture dolly, hand truck, and power drills or tools. For larger-than-normal moves, your teams will be stocked approrpriately so that your move is as smooth as possible.

For “Labor Only” moves, we try to supply these moves with similar supplies, however, this is not always guaranteed. We suggest folks rent their own equipment for their move. For your long-distance moves, we’re more than happy to make suggestions on the number of blankets or equipment based on the size of your move.

Please notify us via email, and provide some alternative dates or times as soon as possible. If you’re not sure of your official time, please at least alert us of the possibility.

We understand things happen: home inspections, closing dates, and other factors can influence your move date. If you retain your deposit with us, we’ll reschedule you free of charge (per our mutual availability). If you’d like to cancel with us, we’ll review our cancellation policies and discuss this with you via email.

We find it easier for the admin team to track information that is emailed to If you have an emergency on the day of your move, you can text the business at 773-703-1442.

If you have any questions about partnerships or concerns to address with Trix, you can email them at

After you complete your intake form, we can send you a new one for you to update your inventory. If you would like us to update your inventory based on your video walk-through, we would be more than happy to do so!

We do try to estimate for minor changes (i.e. additional 5-10 boxes). However, please notify us of any major changes in your inventory so we can ensure we assign a proper crew size and truck size to your move.

Surprisingly, an extra mover might save you money and even more time than you would expect.

On some moves, we assign 4 movers instead of 3 movers, in order to help keep the team energized throughout the move and reduce fatigue time. There are some moves where if there looks to be a lot of two-person carries, it does save time (and money) to send a 4 person team, than have a 3 person team rotate on two-person carries.

Outside of billing and money, we’re focused on safety. If you add a larger-than-normal sized item to your list, a third could just make it safer so there’s a spotter. If you’ve added a large number of boxes or furniture than what was originally invoiced, a third or fourth mover just makes things move smoother by doing furniture handoffs onto the truck.

We highly recommend packing books/ paperwork in small boxes whenever possible. If you’ve ever left the library with a stack of novels or walked home with a bag full of textbooks, you know they are heavy. While our movers can and do carry heavy boxes, carrying lots of over-packed boxes will exhaust your movers more quickly. If you are running out of small boxes, you can also mix in some lightweight items to reduce the weight (try to be mindful of balancing the weight).

Yes, please. That’ll help keep the contents of your furniture safe during transport. It also ensures the safety of your movers as well by making it lighter. Lighter items are easier to lift and maneuver around corners, over banisters, and onto trucks. This makes it easier to complete your move efficiently.

We can not be responsible for any damages that occur to items left in drawers, or damages to furniture due to items being left in drawers.