Account POrtal

AccOunt Portal

You can access your portal by clicking the login button in the header of our website, or by going to

You can create a password by clicking “edit account” when you first access your client portal from the “review estimate” button from the original submission page or the follow-up email.

If you forget your password, you can click “Forgot my Password” on your account page, and you will be sent a password reset link to your email.

The Move Statuses are as follows:

PENDING: You have submitted a form for our team to review, but we have not yet confirmed the move date or scheduled the move on our end.

NOT CONFIRMED: We have reviewed the form, and may have adjusted the Move Date, Move Time or Estimate for the quote. In this stage, we would contact you if there were any changes or issues with reviewing your submission.

This status means it’s “Not Confirmed” by the client, and typically comes with anticipating a deposit. 

CONFIRMED: When you place a deposit, your move date will have been confirmed. From there you’ll get a confirmation email message.

We can add one additional email and phone number to a move. By adding an additional email, both you and the additional client contact will be able to view all details of your move.

If you would like to add more contact information, you can do so by inputting notes under the “Move Details” section.

The current portal that clients use are the MoveBoard 1.0 version created by Elromco.

We will be anticipating changes and large improvements to the client portal to be made by Spring of 2022.

You can get more information on how to navigate the client portal, and how to submit your form for an estimate, via our “Get A Quote” page and our blog updates under the Informative tab on the “Blog:Let’s Unpack” page.

You can change your valuation option when your move is pending or not confirmed.

If you would like to change your valuation option after your move has been confirmed, or when presented by your team lead, you can do so by contacting the support team.

As a reminder, valuation is not insurance, but is ensuring the replacement of your items in case of loss/damage for it’s market value.

Yes, please!

You should update your inventory to the best of your ability as your move is Pending or Not Confirmed.

If your inventory changes leading up to your move, please let us know so we can give you the opportunity to make changes to your inventory.

This allows us to retain an accurate estimate / scope of work for your move leading up to your move date.

Yes, you can!

Feel free to message us dierctly in your client portal via the “Message Us” option on the left-hand side of your portal page.

If you are a repeat customer in using our services, you will need to go into a specific Move ID to view the “Message Us” option.

If you have multiple moves on file, we suggest messaging us via the specific move in which you have questions to address.