Account POrtal

AccOunt Portal

We recently updated our software for clients, which does not have client portal access at this time. If you would like to update your information, or have your estimate resent to you – feel free to ask our support team and we would be happy to accomodate!

The Move Stages are as follows:

FORM SUBMISSION: Regardless of if you enter a partial form or a complete form, we will receive your form at this point. We ask that you try to send a complete form, as we base estimates via the inventory provided in your form.

INTAKE FORM REQUEST: If your form was not complete, or you would like to add more details, we will send you a new form. This link is only good for 1x per link, however each new link will show you all your previously inputted information.

ESTIMATE REVIEW: After we review your inventory and intake form, we’ll send an estimate. From here you can review your estimate, and sign your estimate if it looks satisfactory.

BOOKING YOUR MOVE: After signing your estimate AND placing a deposit, your move will be scheduled and booked.

SENDING A VIDEO WALK-THROUGH: Even after you book, we ask you send a video walk-through. This allows us to review the accuracy of your estimate, and the dispatching we have assigned to your move. 

If your walk-through leads us to believe that your estimate is inaccurate, we will send you a new estimate and ask that you sign the new estimate prior to your move for approval.

We can add one additional email and phone number to a move. By adding an additional email, both you and the additional client contact will be able to view all details of your move.

If you would like to add more contact information, you can do so by inputting notes under the “Move Details” section.

The current form and process is hosted by Chariot. We anticipate that throughout 2023, Chariot will roll out with several new features.

You can change your valuation option prior to,your move date by contacting our support team, or or when presented by your team lead.

As a reminder, valuation is not insurance, but is ensuring the replacement of your items in case of loss/damage for it’s market value.

Yes, please!

You should update your inventory to the best of your ability.

If your inventory changes leading up to your move, please let us know so we can give you the opportunity to make changes to your inventory.

This allows us to retain an accurate estimate / scope of work for your move leading up to your move date.