Chariot, Our New Moving Software

Chariot is a new and innovative moving software platform that we use to provide estimates, assessments & documents for your move. While we won’t get into the back-end of the software in this post, we have had some customer confusion over the last couple years, and wanted to highlight the changes that matter.

What's New: Affirmations, Access & Move Details

Chariot offers features that other software platforms have not been able to insert in our forms process including:

  • Pronouns & Additional Contacts
  • Accessibility + Covid Safety Questionnaire
  • In-depth details for each of your move locations
  • Better client connection with our non-profit intake

You can see these on our forms as a means of inclusive assessments for our clients. We used to have different move forms for the different types of moves, which led to confusion. Some people would fill out the emergency move form for survivors of domestic violence, when the move was better categorized as a “rush-move” due to a last-minute home purchase, or a moving company ghosting them.

With Chariot, we can easily copy old inventory and recreate a new move contract for our clients so that returning to move with us again is easy. You can call our support team, or fill out the basic information (name, move date, size) without continuing on to further details, and we’ll reach out to clarify the copy of inventory and move locations.

What's Changed: Client Portals, Auto-Estimates & Google Docs

There are a few changes from our previous platform that we used, and even from further back when we used Google Drive.

Our last platform offered auto-estimates and a client portal for clients to see where their move status was and the progress of our staff team in reviewing the components of their move. At this time, Chariot doesn’t offer a client portal, but intends to work on one in the future. At the moment, clients can always call 773-219-3313 or email at any point before their move to confirm details & ask any questions to help feel more prepared for your big move day.

For the clients who used us in 2020/2021, and experienced our form via a Google Doc or Drive, that process has been archived. While we had some pride in building out our own accessible documents and forms on our end, the documents never clearly captured important items such as: weight, cubic feet, calculations for pricing (as we used Square at the time), and a robust inventory list.

How This Affects You: Support, Communication & Reminders

The Chariot software is still in consistent development, however unlike other platforms their growth has not been stagnant. Chariot takes the feedback of the companies it works with (and the clients of moving companies) seriously. If you ever encounter any issues, we want to provide the opportunity for you to tell us via our help form, so that we can pass that along to the software developers of Chariot.

Some parts of the submission process may still require some additional communication with our support team, especially around the inventory process and receiving an estimate. Chariot is working on having automated features in the near-future, however our support team has often preferred the route of a hands-on approach to reviewing estimates (and your walkthroughs).

Chariot’s sales pipeline allows us to reach out to customers more often prior to their move date, which can be assuring for both you and our team. Our team will go through the details with direct communication, which means that some of the missing access points for customers into Chariot become a moot issue. We have found direct calls, versus non-direct communication (i.e. client portals) around client’s moves have allowed us to be better prepared as a team and to better estimate a client’s move quote.



Overall, we’re excited to grow alongside Chariot, and appreciate how much they value the feedback of our customers. In general, it can be alarming to see items disappear, such as your client portal, Google Doc, or any other method that we used to communicate through. However, we’re committed to Chariot as a moving software platform, and hope our clients find an appreciation for the software as well.

If you, or a friend, are an owner of a moving company, and would like to talk more about Chariot, feel free to reach out to support, and we’ll connect you with the right people to show you our back-end of the software, or to introduce you to Chariot’s team.

**This post was not a sponsored advertisement. We genuinely have enjoyed Chariot’s capabilities, look forward to the improvements ahead, and wanted to communicate to our clients all the changes that have happened over the last three years as we start to solidify our company processes.**


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