Budget Packing (Do’s and Don’ts)

Buying moving supplies can be expensive.
It’s important to know these tips for packing on a budget to ensure your items are properly protected, and that moving your boxes (whether yourself or your moving team) is an easy process.



This Do’s and Don’ts of Budget Packing is focused on helping you keep your packing costs low while keeping in mind the safety of your belongings. There’s a lot of great advice out there, but some corners just aren’t worth cutting (we suggest taping corners instead!)

Keep in mind that when packing items, you won’t have moving protection if any of your items break. Be sure to follow quality blogs such as Let’s Unpack to learn how to pack your boxes or breakables.

If you’d like A Move to Remember to help pack your items, even if you would like Partial Packing Services for just your kitchen or office, be sure to submit a request for a Packing Day in your client portal or our quote form.


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