There When It Gets Real

It’s the last day of the month, and your landlord has ended your month-to-month lease. Last week, you sent a letter to your landlord asking him to look into what you suspect to be a lead paint issue in your apartment.
Given the fact you didn’t contact the city to report this first, your landlord is under no consequence for any sense of retaliation. You’re devastated.
You have 30 days to relocate and have to notify your roommates about this issue. You feel lost, unsure of how to pack up everything you own into neat boxes to move into your next place. You’re not even sure where your next place will even be. You need help.

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A Guide To Elevator Moves

If you listed that your move involves one or more elevators, you may have gotten an estimate that seemed a bit high. Your first thought may be, “shouldn’t my move go faster because of my elevator?” That could be true! The tricky thing about quoting elevator moves is that we take into consideration our various experiences with elevator moves. These range from really easy elevator experiences, to some challenging ones. Before sharing some of our stories, we’ll get right to the point in this blog post.

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